do i have a boost leak?


When i first start my car and drive it reads upto 20psi on the boost gague however when the cars to temperature and been driven hard the boost seems to back off then come back on asif im goin off and on the gas. Then after a while it wont boost over about 8psi, I have no warning lights or anything to indicate an issue.

ideas / comments please?


Jack-RIP my little Friend
Jul 25, 2001
sounds like boost deviation which is dropping into limp mode.. but there would usually be a fault code logged

n75 malfunctioning perhaps and or pipework associated with it


a warning light did come on and it went on vag-com with the problem diagonosed as air leak, a smoke machine was used and split pipes were found and have been replaced.

Is it a big job for the valve to be replaced?
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