Rear wiper?

E30 sam

When i use the rear wiper on my car it goes from the start position to the other side of the screen with no problems but when it goes back to the start position it gets stuck a couple of times for a second or so. Does this mean that the motor has gone?

Also i don't know how the rear washer works, is there one?
Again sorry if these topics have been covered before but any help would be great.


Jul 21, 2008
I don't know about the motor, but to use the rear washer jet, push forward the stalk that you would pull back to activate the front jets.


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Sep 17, 2008
Near JabbaSport ;)
Yeah motor is prob on the way out. Had the same problem with my old polo, which had the same motor. It just got worse and worse so i took it off. Made the car look miles better. Never had a rear wiper since (first mods i did on my 1.4 cool and cupra!)
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