1. Quick Q - Does this wiper installation look ok?

    Very quick on here, just received my fabia wiper conversion pack off a seller on ebay, and installed in a couple of mins, no prob. However, when i look at it, it seems a but funny, like the wiper arm should cover the blade more, you know sit more flush to the windscreen. Most of the pics...
  2. MK2 Leon rear wiper arm removal?

    Hi guys, in the last few weeks treated myself to an 11month old orange K1:D I've noticed the rear wiper is catching the paint on the boot in the park position, ie its traveling to far round. As the car is still under warranty, I'd guessed that my local dealer could sort this for me. Yes they...
  3. smooth rear wiper

    looking to get a smooth rear wiper arm and blade, can anyone tell me which one i need? A friend of mine has an ibiza with a mk5 polo one on will this fit my leon mk1?? cheers guys
  4. mazzerati

    Rear wiper

    Had a look at rear wiper I wanna take it off. Anyone shed any light on it for me I've tried pulling it but Its obviously notthe way to do it so if anyone can help :)
  5. karizma_fas

    Fabia rear wiper conversion kit for Ibiza?

    Do you get a Fabia rear wiper and conversion kit for a 2005 Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDI? If so best place to get one? Thanks Mark
  6. MacFever

    Noisy wiper blades !

    Hi, My windscreen wipers are making a sound since 2 days Anyone encountered the same problem ? Solution ? The car is 2 weeks old !
  7. rear wiper doesnt wipe properly

    Hey again guys. So there is another problem ( boring I know, sorry. This time rear wiper blad doesnt wipe all the surface but middle part only. I mean it doesnt wipe where it supposed to do, as wiper doesnt touch the glass in many times (ends of wiper blade).It is bosch rear blade (new) Any...
  8. Is it easy DIY to change rear wiper motor and boot lock??

    Hello. As in title. Does anybody have a pictures or something??? Thanks
  9. chunky monkey

    Altea - Replacement Rear Wiper

    I have been looking through older posts about the rear wiper for the Altea, and none give part numbers for a direct replacement wiper. Someone must make one by now, I tried the Halfords WA27 today, but it was 2" shorter than current blade, my wiper is 13"... Hellfords advised Bosch now...
  10. Rear wiper conversion

    My rear wipers just above useless and the cover is missing so taking the opportunity to upgrade to either a Fabia or VW aero one. I've seen the fabia sets on fleabay for £20 which I like the look of, but I'm thinking the Aero ones look smarter. The Polo aero one is as follows. Is this...
  11. aero wiper blades

    hi im looking to order a set of aero wiper blades for my ibiza. the one ive seen on ebay the sizes are 21 INCH for drivers and 19inch for passengers. are these right? also is there much difference between the different brands?
  12. martin CR

    Skoda rear wiper centre cover part number?

    Hi, I had a Skoda rear wiper on our Cupra R and someone has taken the plastic cover that goes over the nut, can anyone remember the part number for this? as I can't but I know I gave two part numbers to Skoda, one for the arm and one for this cover. cheers Martin
  13. Dan_T

    single wiper conversion

    has any done a single wiper conversion ive seen a kit on demon tweeks think it could look good. cheers ppl Dan
  14. fabia rear wiper

    Hi guys am trying to order a fabia rear wiper for my leon tdi but the guy at skoda seems to think it won't fit has anybody done this and if so do you know a part number am sure many on here have done this quoted me £30 does this sound about right cheers
  15. marklaruk

    Wiper - damaged paint :(

    Anyone else had this prob on their new ibiza? Whoever fit the wipers ha snot left enough gap for the drivers side so when i was lifting it when we had the snow i know it was ctaching, but little did i know it was taking the paint off! Only had it a couple of month so i'm taking it back...
  16. Rear wiper?

    When i use the rear wiper on my car it goes from the start position to the other side of the screen with no problems but when it goes back to the start position it gets stuck a couple of times for a second or so. Does this mean that the motor has gone? Also i don't know how the rear washer...
  17. ets2k9

    Fabia wiper dealer prices?

    What is the going rate for a fabia rear wiper from a dealer? I rang up a dealer today and they were quoting £25 which seems a bit ripe to me. You can get them off ebay for less which surprised me as I thought they would mark up the dealer prices: Ebay link
  18. Rear wiper upgrade

    Hi can any one give me the run down on the rear aero wiper upgrade for a MK4 Ibiza , is it a Polo one or a Leon one that looks good , I haven't a clue ??? Regards Paul.
  19. welsh frtdi

    wiper conversion brake conversion

    got mrs de bagdeing fr s boot but does anyone know of the part numbers to fit fabia rear wiper to leon ,also has anyone got pd150 with full cross drilled conversion on brakes your views on the upgrades on the brakes would be cool .got my hands on a full set of drilled discs (looks the dogs...
  20. Viking

    Drivers side wiper not working.

    Anyone had a problem with the drivers side wiper nowt working? Mine just packed up, and rather than dashing off to buy a motor it'd be nice to know that's what it is first. VCDS scan gives fault code as 00154 - Windshield wiper motor - Passenger side (v217) 004 - No signal /...
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