1. belfastchris45

    Window Wiper Question

    The long wet day are definitely here to stay, and with that I have noticed something strange. soooo. Car on, wipers on (doesn't matter what speed) Turn car off, wipers return to full upright position. Start car again. When are the wipers meant to start working again ??? It seems...
  2. Rear wiper motor

    Hey does anyone know how to remove the washer water hose from the rear wiper motor? Thanks guys Sean
  3. Polo aero wiper arms

    Are these the same as the mk4 golf aero wiper arms?
  4. Murdered LCR

    lcr rear de wiper

    fitted my glass gromet today and got rid of the fabia rear wiper looks loads better i think and wont look like every other leon from the back few pics more pics in my readers rides .. comments welcome :)
  5. Rear Wiper Hitting Tailgate Lip on way back down

    As title says really, when i put the rear wiper on, it goes up the back windscreen then on the way down it smacks the lip of the boot lid. Its gotten quite bad to the point where it is chipping the paintwork off. Anyone else have this problem?? If so could be a warrenty issue? the...
  6. seat_rich

    Problem Fitting Polo Wiper

    Haven't seen anything on the search, so either I'm being a bonehead, or there's something gone wrong here: Removed the plastic cover no problem. Unscrewed the bolt no problem. Prised the old wiper off (jumped off the car and scratched the bumper on the way down...nice) Put the new...
  7. seat_rich

    Flat Wiper Blade

    I'm looking to replace my worn and frankly sh*t wiper blades, and I'd really like to fit a proper set of flat blades. Got my eyes on these: http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/AR533S-Bosch-Aerotwin-Retro-fit-Twin-Pack-21-19-530-475mm-19.html Will these fit a 54 plate FR? Presumably these are...
  8. SalSheikh

    rear wiper arm query

    will this part : 097 859 047 A skoda fabia rear wiper arm as seen on ebay : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Brand-New-Genuine-Skoda-Felicia-rear-wiper-arm_W0QQitemZ200391246519QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item2ea83fc2b7&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 fit the mk1 leon? thanks
  9. SalSheikh

    rear wiper arm

    guys, just bought a rear wiper blade off fleabay and the wiper arm on my car is the opposite way to normal arms, i.e the hook is on the other side and not the windscreen side - see pics my wiper sits like this but not like this is my wiper wrong?
  10. /dev/null

    Squeaking Wiper Blades

    Right, I'm at my wits end over this. A month or so back my wipers were squeaking on my MK2 FR and sticking so I bought a new set (genuine SEAT ones) and had them fitted by the dealership. They were brilliant, not a squeak from anywhere, glided over the screen gracefully and left not even a...
  11. cupraRgstar

    Wiper Overshoot

    Had a search and found one thread but didn't really answer my question. My drivers side wiper is overshooting and hitting the pillar, is there a cheap way of fixing this as its bloody annoying. cheers guys and gals
  12. Wiper blades

    Help ! Left hand side wiper blade flapping in the breeze - easy fix or garage job ?:help:
  13. sgtcortez

    Aero wiper upgrade

    Hello all. Sorry I can't post piccies or url links yet (newbie) :cry: But I have just fitted some Aero Vu Flat Wiper Blades from Amazon to my mkII Tolly. Only £9.90 + postage. They work really well and look the mutts nuts.:) Just type in Seat toledo wipers in Amazon.
  14. Mattwood

    So, I fitted a Polo rear wiper.....

    ...And now i can hear a clicking noise when the wiper sweeps. I did a search for this but couldn't find a definitive answer, so does anyone know what this might be? any help would be much appreciated, cheers.
  15. 2006 Ibiza wiper blades

    Afternoon folks! Sorry if this is a dreadful n00b question, but I promise I did use the forum search ("Ibiza 2006 wiper" really returned way too much stuff) and I did look at the thread titles in here and Crtl-F search for "wiper", and in the Mk4 FAQ forums too, so sorry if I've just been...
  16. I can't find where to get Wiper Arms

    I'm looking for Aero Wiper Arms for my car. The Leon Mk1 / Toledo Mk2 both use the Golf Mk4 Arms and Blades, but I cannot find the arms on any website for sale! I can only find the Golf Mk5 amrs......which I'm not sure if they are the same size. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  17. Rear Wiper Removal

    Alright ya'll, has anyone attepted/achieved to remove their wiper? How easy/difficult is it?
  18. nuts

    Leon MK1 Fabia Wiper fitting problem.

    Hi All, Got my Fabia wiper through today. Just been to fit it and the thread doesn't seem to fit. It doesn't match up to the existing one. Any ideas? Would be great if I could get a quick response whilst its off. Cheers, Dave
  19. Nath.

    found another wiper trick

    I have done a search but not found anything. Anyway whilst driving the Leon today in the rain the windscreen misted up due to my wet coat in the foot well. So I put the heating system on the windscreen setting (the one that is just above the rear heated screen button) Then I managed to get...
  20. Passenger Wiper Fault (Please Help!!)

    Hey around a month ago I was driving to work, had the wipers going, and they both collided. Due to this the passenger side wiper has stopped working altogether. The passenger wiper now feels very loose. I have removed both wipers and the passenger spindle no longer turns. I have checked some...
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