1. bmb779

    n/s wiper motor

    Anybody changed a nearside wiper motor on a Mk2 Leon?
  2. lawrieIbizaMk4

    help! short circuit, reverse light keeps flashing when driving and rear wiper stuck

    was driving to work this morning nd a van followed me into the petrol station nd the guy said my reverse light was randomly flashing as i was driving along, thought it might go away but it has continued through the day. also realised my rear wiper has also been stuck on all the time even when...
  3. Golf mk5 wiper arms

    does anyone know if the golf mk5 Aero wiper arms are the same as the mk4 version, i know the mk4 version will work on the leon but im unsure about the mk5's or are they the same?? anyone know?
  4. LCR rear wiper arm....

    Is it the same as the newer shape polo rear arms, the aero ones? Thanks Dan
  5. GMInsite

    Dodgy wiper controls

    I seem to not have a seperate control for the rear wiper to turn it on or off i only have the switch to use the rear wiper with the washer jet . Does this mean someones put aftermarket stalks in it ?
  6. Bobby.Gee

    The Decided One. Onvi Leon Cupra R (New pics In The Light!)

    I thought I would start a thread as it might spur me on with the leon. Ive owned it for about 4 months now and to be honest its fantastic to drive and really comfortable. However ive got quite bored of it now so i thought id join the site hoping it would rekindle my first passion for it...
  7. Alexis27

    Wiper bolt sheared off

    I had a lump of ice on my windscreen this morning and accidently turned the wipers on when they were obstructed. This caused the bolt holding the passenger side blade on to shear clean in half. I found a picture in another thread: http://rossbyrne.googlepages.com/DSC00932.JPG The whole metal...
  8. Front Wiper arm/motor knackered!!!

    Hi All I have a 2002 Ibiza 1.4 Chill. The front wiper motor arm seems to have worn and the driver side ball joint keeps coming apart. I have been quoted £150 for a replacement fitted...has anyone had this trouble before, is it an easy job to change yourself and are the parts easy enough to...
  9. malky39

    Rear wiper

    i realise that it is a common fault in the ibiza that in winter the hoses on the rear wiper freeze up and pop off, i have had it fixed before when th water was coming out at the passanger foot well but this time its coming out on the drivers side rear wheel well and soaking all the carpet in the...
  10. Gordz

    URGENT WIPER PROBLEM! Please Help!!!

    My brother has big problem with his wipers on his mk3 ibiza, Basically the drivers wiper arm doesn't stop in it's correct resting place and travels too far down. This means that when the wipers are switched on the passenger one moves, but the drivers one gets jammed under the arm of the...
  11. Leon FR Rear wiper assembly

    Can anyone tell me whwre to get a whole new rear wiper blade assembly? Saw one on ebay but they were not sure if the Golf/Fabia kit would fit! Help!
  12. mk4 rear wiper

    Hi, i know this is a known fault on ibiza's , polo's and fabia's but any ideas on how to stop the screenwash hose blowing off the motor/ or the joint before that (behind the o/s/r/seatbelt mount) would be appreciated.. I've tried wrapping ducktape around the hose that plugs into the motor...
  13. ConradJellyfish

    Has anybody fitted this ebay fabia rear wiper kit?

    Evening All, I Know on the auction it says Leon, however has anybody actually bought this kit from this particular seller, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110472318842 As want one, but dont wana take the plunge if its a crap kit. Cheers, J :)
  14. halfords wiper blades

    anyone tried "halfords easy fit wiper blades - set 26" allegedly for the Leon...the clip on the actual blade seems totally different to the original one and no matter how i try it wont click into place....im not paying for fitting out of prinicipal but wiper blades should be easy!!!
  15. Newbie with rear wiper problem

    Hi all, Newbie here. We've had an Altea 2.0TDI DSG for a week and the wife has managed to break it already. She was told tonight that the reverse warning light is not working and she also figured out that the rear wiper is U/S. I'm guessing they're on a shared fuse, but which one?? The manual is...
  16. Fabia rear wiper

    Helloo. Have put a fabia rear wiper on my seat leon and when going over a rough bit of road I have began to hear a really annoying rattle. Tracked it down to the wiper moveing. Moveing up and down on the pivot it has to follow the window. Has anyone else had this problem and any idea of...
  17. How do you fit a Fabia rear wiper!?!?

  18. Wiper Linkage

    Hi Guys. First time poster here. Due to the fact that I have had no problems with my Arosa. ...... Until now. My problem is that the wiper linkage connection from the passenger blade has become disconnected from the drivers wiper arm and therefore doesn't sweep. Can anyone tell me how this...
  19. tooly1

    polo rear wiper?

    hi im new to the scn and ive just bought a 1.2 sx ibiza! i have seen other people put a rear polo wiper on but why i was wondering do they do it ! and does anyone know where i can get a set of them new front rubber wipers like the sparco ones used in rally ? cheers Ryan!
  20. Booya

    Rear wiper relay

    Hey folks, My rear wiper wont work on my Cupra R Instead of giving it to the garage and getting a hefty bill I would rather find the problem myself. Fuse is fine. Where are the relays located? I guess you just listen to them to see if there is a fault?
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