Seat f2 world rally champions sticker?

Jun 14, 2009
First stick the decal to the window usign the backing paper, and then apply lots of pressure on the decal by rubbing your hand over the back of it. You will need to apply the pressure on different parts of the decals for it to stick correctly. Once you are happy that you have applied enough pressure, carefully start from the top right courner of the decal, and then gently peel away ensuring that the letters are sticking to the window.


Joey-gti, I just bought a world rally rear window sticker off ebay from you, just wondering if you have any tips for application?! I've got to the point where its stuck to the window but I cant seem to get the backing paper off without just taking the whole lot off! the actual sticker seems to be sticking to the backing paper better than the window...:confused:
Cheers, Andy

hiya bud, sounds like the window was either cold, greasy or had condensation on it. pin the sticker on, rub it down to get the bubbles out, then either leave it for a couple of hours or blow over it with a hairdryer to get some warmth onto it. hope this helps dude!!!:)


Ibiza GTi 16v Cupra Sport
Aug 20, 2009
Cheers guys, the window was pretty cold i recon that might have been it! Ill leave it for a few hours and see what happens


so what more ya going to be doing to it mate i mean looks pretty much completed to me but i dont know what ya plans are:)
Aug 22, 2008
next job is to have the air intake manifold pollished and a few more bits n bobs under the hood, and de wiper the back


Oh how much ya selling ya back wiper for i need a new one as mine broke ??


well you know on mine the water sprayer on the rear broke and i think to have it working again i have to buy a whole rear wiper assembly as it is connected to it so i can actually clean my back window with the wiper i know its stupid but hey so i guess i need the back wiper off ya car if ya getting rid?

I can take a pic of it if ya prefer but it will have to be tomorrow as i have work soon :(
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Incase you dont know i got a pic:confused:



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Feb 11, 2005
Our "euro" cupra2 models are already original with world rally champion stickers :)

here´s mine

exist cupra 98-99 with cupra2 stickers in UK? i have read somewhere about 200 pieces but never seen them.


My bro's got sticker jealousy!

Joey GTI - I'm looking for an f2 world rally sticker for my bro for his bday. My Ibiza had one when I got it and he tried to pick it off! No chance I'm letting him have it, so are you still selling them on Ebay?
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