1. tris

    FIA World Touring Car Championship Brazil 5/6/7 March

    The start of the 2010 FIA World Touring Car Championship is just one week away. The series will get underway once again at Curitiba, Brazil. Members of the World Motor Sport Council and the competitors of the FIA World Touring Car Championship have voted through a new points system. The...
  2. tackleberry83

    Going up in the world

    As the title says ive just put and order on a 2010 CUPRA in chrono with black wheels (previously 130pd FR in yellow with black wheels). I have gone for the bluetooth comms. pack does anyone know if it works with the iPhone the dealer had no idea. Thanks
  3. TDI Faster for real world driving?

    Hello, Would a TDI Ibiza be faster than say a 2 litre petrol in real world driving? Unsure about getting a cupra tdi or a 2 litre N/A petrol.
  4. ZBOYD

    SEAT Sport World Champions 2009

    Congratulations to the SEAT Sport team for successfully defending their Manufactuers' Touring Car World title in Macau during the early hours of this morning. A fantastic year saw a popular World Championship win for Gabrielle Tarquini who at 47 is the oldest FIA motorsport World Champion in...
  5. Leon 170 diesel real world Economy

    I currently own a mountune focus st 260, its great fun, however 28 mpg is a little costly. That’s what the trip computer shows after 1500 miles. I’ve been looking at the lean 170 diesel as a replacement. I know the mpg question has been asked many times, however; I’m interested in the real...
  6. Cartridge world is back on the track

    Latest emaikl from Cartridge World - they are back!!
  7. newbe to this seat world...

    Hi seat people... I am joining you from golfgti forum hoping to buy a mk3 cupra soon, any advice / things to look out foror if any one wants to come to a deal with my golf for their cupra??? Thanks in advance:)
  8. Seat f2 world rally champions sticker?

  9. What's the fastest 1/4 mile time for MK2 Leon Cupra in the world?

    Hey fellow SEAT drivers! Just wanted to know the quickest time for the Leon Cupra on the quarter mile? My best this past weekend was 13.14 in Pretoria, South Africa. Just wanted to see how our CUPRA's in South Africa compare with times else where? :p
  10. World debut from SEAT this week...

    Hello SEAT fans. Look out for my posts on here and Twitter (SEATUK) this week (mainly Wednesday/Thursday) as I report from the Barcelona Motor Show. SEAT is set to launch an exciting new production model which should grab a few headlines. :whistle: More later in the week... Hope you're...
  11. Jonesy

    Wins to decide F1 2009 world title

    Clicky Clicky The 2009 world championship will be won by the driver who scores the most wins.
  12. ZBOYD

    F1 - The World's Greatest Car Chase

    Bit of a cheesy new trail by the BBC for the upcoming F1 season. But the last couple of seconds when the music cuts in, has been too long in coming. Roll on 2 weeks. and as if that wasn't enough, it could well be a really...
  13. Dan Eaves & Adam Jones - Cartridge World Carbon Zero racing

    2nd driver announced - roll on April!! Adam Jones goes Carbon Zero BTCC frontrunner to partner Dan Eaves in bio-ethanol BTCC frontrunner Adam Jones has announced that he will join the newly-formed Cartridge World Carbon Zero Racing team in the 2009 HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship...
  14. Most powerful, fastest and quickest MKIV in the world

    Hey guys havent been around and i figured id shoot you some info from this past week. Dyno Video The Runs from show and go
  15. S3 AKR

    Premium Fuel, Millers, The World and everything....

    Ok.... a lot has been said recently in the press and on telly about the effectivenes of premium fuels, fuel additives and both their claims to increase power, reduce smoke and improve MPG. Well, with all the time I have to kill on my silly huge commute each day I have been testing the claims of...
  16. Leon.SJ

    A world first for an LCR splitter?

    A word of explanation first - my car is not a Cupra, indeed it doesn't have a turbo of any sort at all! As such, I'm reluctant to build a Cupra replica (bumpers/wheels/skirts etc) as all the Saxo/Corsa boys round here will want to race. But, like most of you guys, I am a petrolhead and want my...
  17. az_mk

    so i left the mk4 beeza world and jumped straight in over the doors to mk3 loveness!

    as some of you know i had to bite the bullet and get raped by dealership depreciation! (w&nk*rs!) but as promised i said i would post a pic of the new ride! dome me first photoshop too as its going to be lowered tonight and its sitting higher than a teenager on glue! comments are welcome so dont...
  18. cpufreak

    Best car in the world ever

    The car behind the skyline. Its epic.
  19. Just thort id share with the world

    People might remember when i crashed my car ages ago. anyway here are the pics from said event! that was a painfull memory. hope you can all laugh at me like i do now.
  20. Best Leon 2 In The World

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