seat ibiza cupra gti mk2 cluster pinount

Aug 10, 2020
Hi to everyone! im triyng to fit an seat ibiza cupra mk2 cluster into an mk3 golf gti. My golf have the black background cluster and i want to fit the seat ibiza cupra gti mk2 cluster because it has grey background and it's super cool. The problem is that it is not directly compatible so i have to change a few pin from the connector.
Anyway, do any of you have the seat ibiza cupra gti mk2 cluster pinout please? i'll attach a picture of the cluster for you to see.


Thank you!!

bete noir

Green Meanie
Dec 11, 2008
Last Resort
I am surprised to hear that the pin-outs are different between the mk3 Golf and mk2 Ibiza. The only compatibility issues I have seen with swapping Ibiza GTi gauges into anything (a lesser spec Ibiza, admittedly) are around the 16v GTi's two oil pressure sensors, and (I think) brake fluid level sensor. What symptoms are you seeing when you plug the Ibiza cluster into your Golf?
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