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Servicing own car and radio code.



I just carried out a service on my leon just the usual filters oil n plugs etc as the car kept flashing up that it needed it doing. just wondering if there is any way to reset the service indicator that keeps flashing before i start the car or is it a job for a garage with a vagcom?

Also the battery was flat so i replaced that a little while ago and as i only have standard stereo in there it now won't work as it has gone into safe mode and the manual has got the radio code in it but only says a seat service centre can enter it. is this the case or can it be done by myself?



yeah found some info bout the radio code as was a bit quick on asking that question without any research i will admit but still looking for other but will keep trying. least i no there sumit out there now.
Feb 26, 2009
The manual should also tell you how to reset the service light, it's some combination of ignition key and turning the odometer button.
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