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  1. Need help with “fault code: P189A clutch 1, clearance too small” on a DSG7 Leon FR 1.8 TSI

    Hi, I scanned my car with an OBDeleven and I got myself a fault code: P189A... clutch 1, clearance is too small”. The car drives like it’s always have and I don’t notice anything especially. So what I did was I erased the fault code with the OBDeleven, but the fault code comes back pretty...
  2. coronah

    Group Buy / Discount code for OBDeleven

    Hi everyone. I would like to check, how many users is looking for diagnostics tool or how many would like to get OBDEleven as secondary device/ swap from using VCDS or whatever the reason? If you don't know yet, OBDEleven is ANDROID based diagnostic bluetooth dongle that allows you to manage...
  3. Radio Codes

    Hi I recently purchased a 2016 Leon SE with 12000 on the clock. Everything is fine with car but I want to fit a amp and sub this week. I can’t seem to find the code for the radio in case it asks for it after I disconnect the battery. So basically does anyone know where the code is in the...
  4. Fault Code P1142 - Pannel Filter - MAF Sensor?

    Hey guys, Recently bought a Pipercross Panel filter on eBay, used, had done about 1000 miles when i bought it, put it in and then the problems started. I kept getting Engine Management Lights & EPC lights, now i have just taken it to my local garage, and plugged it into VAG-COM came back...
  5. Paint code ?????

    i know the paint code is on the bit of paper under the boot carpet but which number is it ??????:shrug:
  6. Vin-R

    How necessary is a silicon TIP for a Custom Code Stage 1 Map??

    Hi Guys, As the question asks really, Im desperate for a Stage 1 CC Remap but i dont know if i can get hold of a TIP and get it fitted before the maps done.
  7. DannyC87

    17705 fault code at idle

    Hello, I am getting this fault code consistently and its bringing on limp mode :( The code does not reappear if it is cleared whilst on throttle and kept accelerating; however on deceleration, when nearly at idle the fault code reappears. When sitting at idle, a little blip (only a couple...
  8. smiff

    Custom code remap option

    Hi and thanks for looking basicly im looking for some advice regaurds custom code remps and the options i have avalible. Im looking to upgrade my 2001 lc to S3 turbo and ancileries injectors and so on but my options seem to only be go to a phase 3 map is this correct or will a phase 2 be able to...
  9. Paint code for Dakota Red

    Does anyone know the paint code for dakota red on the bocanegras? as some twat taxi driver scraped my rear bumber the other day and want it all sprayed up.
  10. paint code

    looking to do my mirrors red but not sure what red it is lol it's a07 ibiza fr any ideas where i can get the code looked in the book that came with the car but nothing there any ideas what this red is called? thanks
  11. 8bit

    Urgent - need fault code reading in or near Aberdeen

    Hi all, My engine warning light came on yesterday so I need to read ECU fault codes ASAP. Beer tokens available. Can anyone help? Cheers 8bit
  12. Fault code reader

    I'd like to get myself a diagnostic tool but don't really want to pay out of the a**e getting myslf a full on VAG jobby. Is something like this any good? Will it do everything the proper ones do...
  13. slim20vt

    Help where do i plug in code reader?

    ;) Hi people on my wifes ibiza 1.4 sport where do i plug in the vagcom code reader? cant seem to find the slot??? dash board or engine bay??? want to check it for a fault? :think:
  14. Sparkie

    Paint code for a 52 Platinum LC??

    I have a Platinum 52 facelift LC and want to match up some paint, what codes do I need for this and where can I find out what they are? Also are halfords any good to make it, heard they're o.k. ? Can they do it in an aerosol spray can for you? Thanks for an answer to any of the above.
  15. Invisible

    Cupra Gearbox Code Anyone?

    Just installed a full technical service manual on my laptop, currently filing in the setup data so it can extract the correct information for my car. I have an 08 Seat Leon Cupra K1. The last box I need to complete is the Gearbox code. Does anyone know where I can find this? So Far I...
  16. Login code required to recode abs controller

    I really could do with some help.I Have just changed the ABS pump for the second time on my 1997 ibiza cupra 2.016v.This time its definately the right unit,the controller is 3A0 907 379A and the pump 1H2614 217B. I made a note of the shop code and soft code numbers from the old unit and re...
  17. colour code

    Hello i need a touch up paint stick for my candy white Ibiza,but cannot find one on eBay,but there is a one for a vw in candy white,it has a code of PAINT CODE --- LB9A/B4 is this the same as the seat candy white were will i find the paint code please. thanx bowie
  18. Nev_LCR

    code logs

    the other halfs golf is running rough ans smells of fuel, ive logged 2 codes and done a search, most people say maf but thats not that old, its a 1.8 gti Turbo. any help?? codes are 16487 and 17545, cheers
  19. Help diagnosing ECU Fault code 16618

    Hi Guys, Recently ive been having some problems with my Ref Sport TDI 140. Its lost some power and the fuel economy is down from about 450 miles per tank to 400! Most worryingly of all though is that above about 3000rpm, the car has been going in to limp mode! :cry: Have logged a...
  20. Servicing own car and radio code.

    Hi, I just carried out a service on my leon just the usual filters oil n plugs etc as the car kept flashing up that it needed it doing. just wondering if there is any way to reset the service indicator that keeps flashing before i start the car or is it a job for a garage with a vagcom...
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