Show off your mk2 ibiza :)

Aug 22, 2008
cheers mate they were taken by gtiboy the one who owns the black one , and yea the more i look at the splitter the more i think it needs cutting


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Jun 21, 2011
The clocks should come out through the steering wheel, I had my standard steering wheel on when I changed my bulbs and got them through the steering wheel.

I have a light in my boot but its a boot light from a Gti. Works rather well. Although I am planning on building abit of a boot build.

How did you wire up the one in the centre console and footwells??
not exactly genius tbh, pulled the cig lighter section out, and wired up the ground to the bulbs ground in the lighter compartment, and then the live to the little strip the bulb slides on to.

careful to do it properly as if its wired up the the cables themselves the led's will be on all the time, which is no good.
(and i have yet to do footwells) - to busy as next weekend im fitting my sound system!
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hehe just need a 2 channel amp for me alpines now

David, I've fiddled with clocks / units many times on my old Ibiza :)... Basically, carefully unscrew the two screws (which I'm assuming you've already done), and slide it forward on it's resting pivots. Disconnect the connector to the rear of the unit so you've got a little more play.

Now for the tricky part, leave it on one of the pivots and get it out at an angle, sideways... it should come out. Be careful not to scuff the dash cutout too much, or tear the dash plastic / facing. Finally pull it through the steering wheel as Craig states. You'll get it out, with care, I did :)
Great thanks LMJ.

will try it, and yea ive had it out its pivot things and i wouldnt fit out ma wheel, will try what u say though, thanks

oh and the great thing about this mod is that if u wire them to the cig lighter and the clocks bulb strip, they both adjust brightness from the sliding brightness adjuster thing to the right of the steering wheel.:lol:


Got a few plans stainless stealth system,induction kit,and get my wheels done and resprayed then she'll be finished.might squeeze a re map in there some where.
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