1. seat ibiza mk2 show cages

    are they easy to get hold of im wondering because i seen a few but nearly all of them are at silly prices and require work to them any opinions or know of ease getting them
  2. white ibiza cupra replica

    White with black roof and mirrors, bonnet bra, lupo gti wheels, cupra front bumper, cupra black half leather interior. :) ]
  3. Show us your rears!

    i have the older leon cupra and was thinking of putting the leon letters under the seat badge like the newer ones, but am unsure weva to have leon or cupra :blink: so id love to see your badge configuration :D
  4. show off your leon

    I am picking up a 07 tfsi fr on tuesday and am planning to do a few tastefull mods to it. Looking for some imspiration/ideas. If any one has got any pictures of there mods please post them for myself and others to look at. Thanks chris
  5. Gordz

    Show me your flaps...

    Considering getting some mudflaps, mainly for practical reasons, but I want to know if it'll look decent aswell. But can't find any photos of Leons with mudflaps on. What do genuine SEAT ones looks like? I've been looking at flaps like the ones below on ebay, just universal ones with...
  6. jake

    anyone actually log to show airbox/cone dif

    hey guy's having a disscussion on another forum. has anyone done real world logs, not dyno to show the difference on the 1.8t engine for the std airbox, uprated filter or open cone, to show intake temps higher gs etc?
  7. Cal91

    Show us your visual mods!

    Show us your visual mods! Just trying to see what I can do :) I do like the vinyl people are putting on parts of their front bumpers. That's nice, something like Bertrum's done with the lime green. LCR splitter? Vinyl roof? Hit me with some ideas :D Pics would be nice!
  8. Seat Gooner

    Light Show

    Hello Everyone Ive just fitted my new hid kit and just noticed that when i put my Full Beams on the dipped hids flicker like police [:@] Anybody know why they are doing this ???
  9. Show me your remap graphs

    Hi all Im getting my LCR tommorow or saturday and already planning mods hehe. What i would like is people to post up their remap graph, ideally from every reputable tuner on here, i want to see how well the power and torque etc is held through the rev range to the red line :) Would be very much...
  10. Show me exhaust pics

    i have done a few searchs on here i am after few differnt pics of exhausts as i am after one its for me 1.8 20v t fr its just got the standard twin one on at the min. duno if a should go for another twin one but bigger or a oval some most of the oval ones look to big. so could someone please...
  11. Show off your FMIC

    Shamefully stolen from the MK3 Ibiza Cupra section:D I'll start:D (WIP - new red pipes to go on soon!)
  12. RabReith89

    Show off your intercooler thread

    Hi guys just fitted my custom intercooler and i have went down the route of fully exposen my one just waiting till jan to get the bumper sprayed. I understand that some guys and girls like keeping them hidden or even spaying them black so hears your chance to show it off :D
  13. hoggy90

    Show me your mk1 Non-cupra leon pictures!

    Hey hey:) im having trouble finding cupra bumpers so im wondering what the leon will look like without the cupra bumpers etc...can you guys help by posting up pics of your leons without the cupra bumpers or give me a link to your pics? cheers in advance folks,apreciate it!
  14. Show us your mk1 leon tdi's!!!!

    As per the pictures of your mk1 dervs ;)
  15. Danzibar9

    Show me your TDi Millteks. Tail pipes prefered..

    As per title. I am thinking of having one fitted but am unsure about going back to twin tail pipes. What do they look like fitted??????
  16. M20FES

    Show me your rear lights

    Hi, is it possible that people could post up pics of their rear lights that are non-standard. I do like the standard red\white look, but i was considering a smoked pair but iam not really into lexus or LED lights, just want a nice selection for ideas :funk:
  17. Jamie P

    Show me your A** ...

    Just thought i'd see what other people are rocking on their rear ends... Everyone loves a good ass afterall... Mine is Cleaned - No badges etc, with a Fabia VRS Wiper stalk etc... Simple but effective...
  18. Show us your coilovers Pics please

    As above show us your pics of your coilovers fitted to your mk4 Ibizas. please state: Make of coilovers: Drop: Wheel/tyre size: :D
  19. Dash computer what can it show?

    Just wondered if there is any witchcraft you can cast on the dash computer that can make it display other parameters? Particularly interested in how the car may have been driven in the last 20 miles or so?
  20. devin13

    show me your coilovers

    just wondering which coilovers to get? so if you could help as to which ones to go for and if you have a piccy of your leon on them that be awesome:D
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