Sodden carpets in Alhambra after washing or rain

Mar 27, 2021
Hi folks.

I purchased a 2017 Alhambra Xcellence from a franchise Seat dealer last weekend and my wife and I really like(d) the car, however, I’ve discovered the rear centre seat belt is covered in mould and there are also signs of mould on the carpets, other seat belts (probably wiped off by the dealer) and sun visors. I also noticed condensation on the inside of the windscreen when I got into the car the other day after a cold night.

Needless to say, all of the above gave me some cause for concern so I spoke to the dealer and they told me they replaced the panoramic sunroof seal before selling it to me because the car was wet inside when they took delivery of it from a Seat dealer in Northern Ireland.

After washing the car this morning, the carpet in the front passenger footwell and underneath the front passenger seat and inside both of the rear floor storage compartments was sodden.

Interestingly, I almost bought a 2014 SE Lux Sharan a few weeks ago but the inspecting RAC engineer identified mould around the rear floor storage compartments as well as a mouldy smell. I’m therefore guessing this is a common problem with Sharans/Alhambras fitted with a panoramic sunroof, or is it a common problem for all models? If so, do any of you knowledgeable people know the most likely cause(s)?

I have of course informed the dealer of the terrible water ingress and their sales manager is going to contact me early next week but it would be good for me to know from you folks if this a defect which can be easily identified and rectified so that I can decide whether to reject the car or allow them the opportunity to rectify it.

Thanks in advance.

Monks Seat

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Mar 23, 2009
Don’t know if this will help but there are some drain tubes for the panoramic roof and I’ve heard of instances where these can block up causing water leaking problems. Might be worth looking into?


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May 24, 2003
Mine had a leaking sunroof seal recently.
It ran down the a-pillar and damaged the body control module. Although this I managed to clean and get working again, a dealer etc will just want to replace it so it´ll cost a lot.
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