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Apr 7, 2021
Hi folks.

Just taken possession of my first Seat - 18 plate Mk3 FR ST, however the steering wheel is missing the FR emblem for the section at the bottom of the wheel.

Does anyone know where I could source one? I've searched online but to no avail.



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Mar 10, 2013
I had a quick look on the online EKTA this morning (albeit the online versions only go up to 2016). There is no part number listed from the files available, so assume that it is an integral part of the steering wheel. As advice above, dealer would be the best bet to confirm.

Not sure if related, but I recall that there were some issues with FR steering wheels on 2018 UK cars - cars manufactured had no DSG paddles? Some owners had them retrofitted - details in the thread below.

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Oct 3, 2012
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As @black_sheep has said, similar to the Cupra logo its part of the steering wheel.

That being said our site sponsor AT Designs (@Tony Thurston) should be able to sort something for you. Check this thread out (it included examples not just of the big S badges)....

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