Technology pack offer extended


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Mar 27, 2013
I was guessing it would be extended. They pretty much want to saturate their portion of the market with their tech. The previous cut off date was probably just used to stimulate sales, this extension used to ensure saturation. I've not seen a non LED model yet. I presume their strategy is working.


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Mar 11, 2007
The Wild West
Saw a white FR at dealers yesterday that was non-LED, i.e.without the tech pack.

My lease car, which is coming at the beginning of May, also doesn't have the tech pack. Long story short, after placing an early order for an FR184 I canned the order due to unavailability, and went for an FR150. My contract is only for 2 years this time, so I hope to get the 184 in a couple of years time - assuming I like the MK3, and if it's out by then!

I wasn't overly bothered by LED's and I've got multiple Sat Nav's thru work. As a private buyer, or on a longer lease, I think the tech pack is a great deal. If they can extend the deal to June 2015 I may go for it next time :D.
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