Unexpected drop in MPGs (2013 2.0 TDI)

Sep 12, 2019
Over the past few days I’ve noticed a drop in mpg on my 2.0 TDI (150ps) Leon, by about 10-15 mpg at some points. Motorway driving has gone from about 65/68 mpg to about 55/60 and town driving has gone from about 55 to 45 and as low as 30 at some points.

The engine feels absolutely fine, still pulls well and doesn’t hesitate or sound rough at all, and no my driving style hasn’t changed at all either! It is chipped, however I’ve had the chip in for a while now, and turning it off makes no noticeable different in MPG either, if anything it gets worse.
Has anyone else had this happen or know any cause of what it could be? Filled up with V-Power diesel to clear through the fuel system a bit, which hasn’t seem to made a difference



Active Member
Jun 1, 2018
I had that once, it turned out to be a seized front brake caliper - but only diagnosed it when I also noticed the wheel was very hot.
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