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  1. Leon 1.6 TDI - Fuel Filter Help

    Hi Guys, I am currently ordering bits to service my Leon 5f 1.6tdi, but I stumbled on something here with the Fuel Filters... It seems they come in 2 different sizes? The outer diameters seem to be quite different, one being 77mm and the other 93mm and my question is, can I check which filter I...
  2. Considerably more power with fresh fuel ?? Any help

    Hi I’m trying to diagnose a sorta problem with my Leon if fuel has been sat for a day or 2+ she’s still quick but really lacks enthusiasm put some fuel in weather that me 5 quid or 80 quid it’s a night and day difference, Obviously theres always a little difference in power with fresh fuel but...
  3. 1.2turd

    Real MPG on 1.8TSI cupra??

    Hi all, Had my ibiza cupra for about a month now. So i think my average MPG has settled and its currently 30.1Mpg. What figures are you guys getting? I do drive it hard now and again but i wouldnt think it was enough to warrant that MPG, also i put £40 of super unleaded in and had 250 miles for...
  4. Cannot pour in fuel additive

    Hi guys I've got archoil fuel additive that i want to use, but when i try to put the nozzle into the fuel tank, the black plastic flap will not open. I've even tried a funnel with a different sized nozzle, but still no joy. However i never have a problem with the flap when filling up with...
  5. Fuel Filter

    Just want to know if anyone changed fuel filter on ibiza fr 15 plate. Whats the procedure & what mileage did u change it at. Mines bit sluggish and been told to replace it at 20k. which fuse needs to be pulled out? thanks
  6. What should Fuel pressure be?

    I'm having some issues with my 1.9tdi 2010 Leon. It has started cutting out when the throttle is shut and the car slowing down. It won't re start until the fuel system is bled (removing return pipe from HP pump to filter) or as the RAC guy did, spraying easy start into the inlet. I've replaced...
  7. 1000rpm DPF regen, first time ever seen.. due to fuel change?

    Hi folks, yesterday, for the first time ever since ive had my FR TDI (18 months, 21k miles with me, 5k when bought) the engine idle was up near 1000rpm and it really sounded rough! There were no warning lights, however im sure this is a regeneration of the DPF taking place. Ive had a...
  8. Genoc

    Fuel Filter Change How to on a TDi Cupra?

    I'm just about to service my Cupra Tdi, and wonder is there anything specific to take note of when chaning the fuel filter on a Tdi? e.g I'm assuming you can get air in the system? cars done 48k and not had one replaced as far as I can tell. thanks Gemma
  9. Race fuel door cover

    Hi everyone! I'm in search for a aluminium fuel door cover. Because it's for a bodykit, the size is not much variable. And is has to be a 'door' too, not a screw off kinda fuel cap.. Here's an example of the kind of door i'm looking for, and it has to be 12cm or 4,75" outer diameter...
  10. nightflight

    Fuel's the wrong colour

    The garage who are looking at my car have said the diesel in my filter is yellow instead of blue. anyone know why this might be?
  11. Seat Leon 150 FR, 55 plate.. Fuel Pump Relay/Turbo Wastegate Value errors

    Evening guys, First post,.. sad that it has to be for a continuing problem im having. Purchased a 55 plate Seat Leon FR 150bhp just over a month ago from a car supermarket in Hull. The car made it 3 hours down from Hull back to London when it went into limp mode with fuel pump relay and...
  12. Millers Additive and onto Race Fuel

    Hi, When I had my Cupra TDi I'd put in Millers EcoMax additives with cheap diesel to get a lot better running car. It's popular with the diesel crowd. I've noticed it the Petrol equivelant doesn't seem half as popular, does anyone use it? Any difference? Then I got onto reading about...
  13. Faulty Fuel Guage

    I have a MK5 Ibiza 1.4 SC and it appears my fuel guage has gone faulty, wondering if anyone else has seen something similar? Basically I went away for the weekend to Wells (Somerset) from home (Reading) and thought it a bit odd that the digital fuel reading had only dropped one bar when i got...
  14. Fuel injector/system cleaner

    Hi can anyone recommend a good fuel injector/system cleaner product, for my mk2 leon fr tfsi with a ko4 conversion etc also what brand coolant do you use ? Cheers Reesy
  15. Leon Cupra Mk2 Fuel Consumption

    Just wondered what other people's experience of fuel consumption on a Mk2 Leon Cupra was. Seat say 34.9mpg combined or there abouts but I've been getting closer to 23mpg. I do have a heavy foot though! Does this seem about right?
  16. 2.0 i GTI using lots of fuel and loss of power ?? help!

    got my car about 2 months ago now and was nippy for 2.0 8v but after 2 weeks it started playing up if i floored it it would hesitate then go so i changed the spark plugs + fuel filter + sprayed injector cleaner into the air flow meter and it made the hesitation go away but i lossed alot of power...
  17. i think i have a faulty fuel sender unit

    after these past few months about my constant going on about crap fuel consumption, it got better as the cold went away, and driving more carfully but about town was terrible. the other day i was just pulling into the petrol station when i notice my fuel guage went from empty red line, to full...
  18. Jimlad86

    FR Trip Computer Fuel Consumption Innaccuracy

    Hello Everyone! Long time browser and first time poster to these forums as i have just got myself an Ibiza FR! 2007 reg in black with 17k on the clock :) I have just filled her up for the second time, and to test the accuracy of the trip computer i did a little calculation of my own. After...
  19. TDi_B5

    The dreaded fuel filter

    I tried to replace my fuel filter today (under the driver's side rear arch) but gave up! The damn thing just wouldn't budge and my fingers became so sore I just left it. From what I've read, this shouldn't be a big job! I'm also thinking that the current filter is the original. Its made from...
  20. fuel pump???

    hi. can anybody tell me wot this problem cud be? wen im drivin normal its fine, but wen i put my foot down it splutters and coughs? could it b the fuel pump?? cheers:confused:
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