Millers Additive and onto Race Fuel


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I ran my car on 101RON for about a week (99RON Tesco & 2 point Wynns additive) and I can't say that I noticed a massive difference. Mind you the only reason that I did this was because we had a dodgy batch of V-Power here that alot of people had running issues with, so I added the Wynn's into that which gave me ???RON in an attempt to flush out the crap fuel and then filled the rest of the tank with Tesco 99 a couple of days later.

One of these days, I may try running 2 or 3 tank fulls of '101RON' and see how the car adapts.


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Mar 4, 2008
If you change the timing to suit you will notice the different. The RON rating is the resistance to combustion; therefore the higher RON rating the further the spark timing can be advanced; the more timing advance the more power per cylinder cycle.

This is the principal of race fuel and water/methanol injection. Methanol is 116RON, therefore by injecting a mix of water and methanol, temperature are reduced (due to the water) and the fuel mix in the cylinders is more resilient to combustion meaning the timing can be advanced. Unisettings or Lemmingworks can be used to change the timing; however this must be done extremely carefully as if you advance the timing without the RON rating to justify it you will introduce large correction factors (CFs), or even experience pre-detonation which can be terminal for your engine.

I, among others on this forum, are using WMI to advance the timing safely. I am currently running 7.5* advance which is estimated to be worth ~20bhp. DJP's RR is the best source of info re. WMI etc.
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