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  1. Race fuel door cover

    Hi everyone! I'm in search for a aluminium fuel door cover. Because it's for a bodykit, the size is not much variable. And is has to be a 'door' too, not a screw off kinda fuel cap.. Here's an example of the kind of door i'm looking for, and it has to be 12cm or 4,75" outer diameter...
  2. LEE69

    New magazine starting up for track and race people

    I see that there is a new magazine starting up which is looking to give away free subscriptions. It covers track and race cars, track tips, tech stuff and circuit guides. Looks like a quality publication and it's based on a free-subscription model. Track Driver incorporating Circuit Driver...
  3. Millers Additive and onto Race Fuel

    Hi, When I had my Cupra TDi I'd put in Millers EcoMax additives with cheap diesel to get a lot better running car. It's popular with the diesel crowd. I've noticed it the Petrol equivelant doesn't seem half as popular, does anyone use it? Any difference? Then I got onto reading about...
  4. andyspencer

    Pro race 1.2s

    Had a browse through the internet for some 18" black Pro Race 1.2s. Whats the best place to get them from? and cheapest place? Saw some for £705 inc tyres. Any info appreciated
  5. aterro

    supersprint race exhaust 2.5

    hello i have searched and i have looked around various sites to see where i can actually buy it from. its the stainless steel version im after supersprint supply them for 440 which is rather alot. im just wondering where else i could get one from? also has anyone got any videos of...
  6. what car would win this race?

    What do you guys think would win in a sprint race. A leon tdi fr 170 chipped or a leon fr petrol dsg standard?
  7. ibizadoyle

    egr race pipe

    hi does anyone else other than allards make an egr race pipe? or does anyone knoe where i can get for cheaper than £60? thanks
  8. rsmith

    Downpipe and race cat, Confused, which one?

    Hello all, I have read pages of posts on this topic, but I am actually more confused than when i started. All my mods are listed in my sig below, next I am planning on going to stage 2 and i am going to start by getting a 3" downpipe and race cat, i currently have a Blueflame cat back, but the...
  9. Calyx

    White Pro Race 1.2's...

    On a silver Leon? Views :) Thanks.
  10. Ant FR

    After pics of cupra with Pro Race 1.2s

    Anyone fitted Pro Race 1.2's to a cupra, I was going to get the wheels refurbedon my cupra and have new tyres at the same time, however due tot he hassle of leavingwithout wheels for a few week thinking of just getting new wheels, so fancy a set pro race 1.2's as had a few sets of these in the...
  11. Hurdy

    Schrick race cams

    Anyone fitted Schrick race cams to their Cupra? Or even any car for that matter? If so, what difference did/do you feel? Looks like they perk up the mid to top end of the rev range nicely according to Regal Autosport. A slight increse in top headline figure (5-10bhp), but also should be...
  12. Powerflex Race Wishbone Bushes

    Anyone running the rose-jointed Powerflex wishbone rear bushes. If so, can you comment on them?
  13. anyone with pro race 2's ?????

    is anyone running team dynamincs pro race 2 nowadays?? if so, pics please, got some comin in black for my cordy, just curious to see how they look on other seats, and yes, ive tried searching :funk:
  14. 120 cell race cat MOT results:

    fail bigtime. Limit values in parantheses: CO 0.7 (0.5) CO @ 2500rpm 1.0 (0.3) HC 181(100) LAMBDA 0.98 (0.97 - 1.03) So I went to my workshop where they had an old Audi A6 2,7Turbo cat laying around. Bolted it on and went back to the MOT center. CO 0.0 CO @ 2500rpm 0.0 HC 11...
  15. Gunnie

    What suspension for sprints?

    Well ive just got my race licence :) Im planning on doing a few sprints next year, i havent done much to my car yet,ive put Whiteline anti roll bars front and rear and had new disc and pads fitted, its going to P-Torque soon for a stage 1 map( not sure to go for the stage 2), not sure what...
  16. Willie

    Cheap assed 3" DP and race CAT

    What's the cheapest anyone has seen for the above? I'm not bothered about it being Stainless Steel just cheap and good. what else is there out there apart from the Blueflame/Milltek/Pipewerks/Piper Half the price of the above ones would be good;)
  17. warren_cox

    Race of Champions 2009 (Beijing Bird Nest Olympic Stadium)

    For those of you who enjoy the Race of Champions, it will be showing at 12pm on Eurosport HD Ch 412 / SD Ch 410 tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd November). Tomorrows event is the nations cup (2 drivers represent a country - eg Germany = Schumi & Vettel). Wednesday's event is the individual drivers...
  18. john_tdi

    race injectors 783

    ok just had them fitted. oh man the cars running like a dog. tick over is ok and running fine (apart from somtimes alot of smoke) off boost runs fine. nail it and well, it feels like only 2 cylinders are working!! this normal? hope map sorts it.
  19. ZBOYD

    Renault F1 accept 'guilt' in race fixing allegation - Briatore & Symonds leave.

    News just breaking. Renault have accepted guilt in race fixing case. Flavio Briatore & Pat Symonds have left the team with immediate effect. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/78668
  20. oldman

    EGR - dazed & confused

    Hello All, Today I removed my egr to see how clogged up it was to discover clogged full with no light through it. anyways, whilst cleaning the worst out i discovered the shutter plate to be loose from the horizontal arm. So I know it needs replacing, which got me a thinking: What are the...
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