Vag-com on Vista


Few questions here hoping i explain well enough for someone to understand :)

Basically I'm trying to run vag com on my vista laptop, j have followed the well written guide on here but I'm still having a few problems.

When in device manager I can find the USB serial section but under advance I can't find anywhere to manually change com ports.

Also, the autonostics website, I can't for love nor money find the drivers, the links here seem to take me to the site, but nowhere I can download the drivers.

When linking the laptop to the car it does a test and says interface found, using com port 3. When trying to do a scan it throws up a controller not responding error? ReAding through this guide seems to point at drivers being icorrect but as I said cNt get them from autonostics?

Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance.

Oh and car is a fr tdi 05 Leon


Just read through mate and I can see where I've been going wrong, it's in device manager, I've been on the wrong section by the looks of it.

Another quick question. The drivers that come on the disc are for xp, can j use the ftdi site for vista drivers as autonostics dosnt seem to work.

Thanks for the input Lee. Much appreciated. Can't wait to finish work and try it and finally find out what this fault is. Thanks again.
Sep 23, 2009
Hey Guys need some help, just got VCDS lite and purchased a Cable from one of Ross-Tech's UK suppliers, ive plugged it into my laptop (Vista) and Windows has installed two drivers through windows update.

Now following Damiens steps of turning it into a COM port i can't do, i got into and find the Serial USB, then click advanced. I then don't see an option to change to a COM port?

testing VCDS lite it finds the interface on COM3 but says

Port Status: OK
Interface Found!
Type: Serial Pass-Through
Opto/Iso: No
Ross-Tech Design: No

Errors have been detected, communications will probably be unreliable.

Help pleaseee :D

EDIT!: Never mind, i am a complete retard! Found it on COM6, now changed to 1 :)
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Does it matter that im using this on a vista laptop?

Tried this on a few Win 7 machines, didn't manage to get it working. Did however come up with a suitable work around though;

Download Windows XP Mode with Virtual PC - Directly from Microsoft, and install. Works as a standalone installer for Win 7 - Load that up and install Vag-Com on there.

The other issue I had was that the D1.bin, D2.bin and D3.bin files kept removing themselves from C:\Program Files\VAG-COM, so I wrote the below batch script and stuck it on the desktop of the virtual machine. It basically forces the files to constantly copy from C:\ to C:\Program Files\VAG-COM so even if they do get deleted, they are recreated again almost instantly.


XCOPY /Y /R "C:\D1.bin" "C:\Program Files\VAG-COM"
XCOPY /Y /R "C:\D2.bin" "C:\Program Files\VAG-COM"
XCOPY /Y /R "C:\D3.bin" "C:\Program Files\VAG-COM"
ping -n 01 localhost >NUL

A bit of a botch to get it to work, but at least I got there in the end! :blink:

EDIT; V.409.1
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Feb 26, 2009
I'm amazed you got it working on XP mode, it's not the sort of software that I would expect to work on virtual machines.

When I upgraded to 7 I had no issue getting VAGCOM working. I have to run it as admin every time but that's expected.