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What Petrol do you use in your Leon FR ?


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Nov 24, 2007
I think Seat recommend Super unleaded for the Leon FR.

Just trying to work out cost v a diesel !

Does anyone use normal unleaded ? any difference ?

Is there an additive like Millers which I use in my diesel ?

sorry for all the questions !

Jul 10, 2007
SEAT recommend 98 RON on the FR and Cupra which not all Super Unleaded meets, many are just 97 RON. Shell and Tesco are higher though.

Mine wasn't keen on Sainsbury's Super the first time I used it, but think I actually have BP 95 RON in my Cupra at the moment, no difference in performance but the economy out of this tank has been ****


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Apr 2, 2008
Tescos super 99ron here.

I tried Asda's 95 ron and my TFSI seemed to do even more ticking and rattling than normal so its been Teso's super only since then.
Jul 10, 2007
This topic has come up many times and there are people for and against.

That article states "For many drivers, buying super fuel is "a waste of money" with people paying over the odds for the product."

Which is correct as most cars are designed to run on 95 RON only and the manual actually states "There is no benefit in using a higher octane". Certainly this was the case with my recent cars.

The 2.0 TFSi is however designed to run on a higher octane. Certainly the one in the FR and Cupra when I bought mine was (this may have changed since). I actually asked SEAT about this.

There test is floored as they only used cars designed to run on standard fuel in which case, yes it won't make any difference. Certainly in a Focus 1.6 like they tested, super fuels will give little benefit.
Dec 15, 2007
South East London
What is this millers stuff for diesels???

Enhanced Performance & Combustion Efficiency For Diesel Engines.

Performance diesel fuel treatment for enhanced combustion efficiency in all diesel engines.

Millers Diesel Power Sport 4 is a modern state of the art fuel treatment that is suitable for all diesel engines, especially those with diesel particulate filters and all Euro IV emissions compliant vehicles, providing a tangible improvement in vehicle performance.


* Increases powers by upto 17.5%
* Reduces emissions - up to 70% less exhaust smoke & up to 20% less carbon emissions
* Increases MPG - up to 7% economy improvements
* Cleans injectors
* Increases fuel rating by upto 4 octane numbers
* Improved throttle response
* Easier starting, quieter, smoother running engine
* Prevents fuel from ageing

One bottle treats an incredible 500 litres of fuel. May also be used at double strength for additional performance.

Size: 500ml


Yellow is the best
Feb 21, 2006
location , location
I chop and change between super unleaded and standard 95 ron in my 57 plate cupra and tbh i cant tell the differeance.
The only reason i use super is its 5p a litre cheaper in Nottingham than London which is where my girl friend lives , and i just use it for the suposedly cleaning properties.

But performance wise cant tell jack between them.


Full Member
Nov 13, 2005
Newton Mortgage, Glasgow
It takes a few tanks in a row to get the benefit of 99 ron petrol as the ecu takes time to adapt.

If the car is remapped then the car will take fuller advantage of super unleaded than a standard car.

PS The only super worth using is either Tesco 99 ron (some not all stores) or Shell VPower


Yellow is the best
Feb 21, 2006
location , location
I used it all the time when i first got it , and used only tesco super 99 , still cant tell the differeance.
Made more difference in my mk1 remapped cupra.

Just dont notice it in my mk2 standard 1 :blink:


That millers stuff look far to good to be true!! There is no way it can give you 17% power increase!!
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