Wheels off detail.


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Sep 3, 2011
Never again will leave the wheels for 12 months before ceramic coating them .
Had to use a strong solution of Surfex HD to shift the bedded in dirt off them.
Used red7 as fallout remover and cleaner car tar remover.
Wipe down with bilt hamber cleanser fluid,
Treated the rims with carpro Dlux. And dressed the tyres with Autopia endurance tyre and trim gel. < my new favorite tyre dressing.

Yes, they were a lot worse than I expected :ugeek:
Total time to remove,clean,seal and re fit. 5 hours :(
Credit goes out to anyone doing this on a daily basis as a living. ( Or maybe I am just getting beyond it myself )

Autosmart Red 7 doing it's thing.

Much improved after several hits with red 7 and cleanercar tar remover
Rinsed and washed several times with Bilt Hamber Surfex HD.

Coated with Carpro Dlux ceramic and tyres dressed with Autopia Black Endurance Tyre and wheel gel.

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