Xbox Live Gamer tags

FinGerS o FuDgE

My GT is FinGerS o FuDgE

Play most FPS games. Will be on MOH until COD gets released!


Caught The Mod Bug Again!
May 31, 2007
North East
My gamertag is: TRFC Gordon

Usually on COD MW and Fifa 10. Don't really go on any other online games really!


My gamertag is hungoverhank .....

yes, yes, I know. Not very creative having the same tag on here as on my xbox (and poker site and facebook and everything else!) but it is a good name in my opinion and so far I am 100% sucessful on my lifetime attempts to be creative so why chage that?!?! :funk:

I play FIFA 11 and BFBC2 mostly but I haven't been on for ages as working away.

Add me up !
May 20, 2008
Newry (An Dún)
Mine's: x Maverick86 x

Add me if u want. Mostly just on Fifa 11 at the mo.

Trying to see if ther would be interest in a Fifa 11 SCN league.. use the link in my sig if ur interested...
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