1. N249 bypass!has anyone done it and live near honiton/exeter?

    as above has anyone in the exeter area (i live in honiton) done the bypass for the N249 valve cos i want mine done but don't really know what im doing and don't wanna bugger it up :( could anyone help me do it?:) sam
  2. Light switch diagram and switched live

    Has anyone got a wiring diagram of the headlight switch? Also where can I get a switched 12 feed from apart from the stereo?
  3. WeeG

    Tuned leons, how long will they live????

    Just thought this would be an interesting topic. As most modern engines now can easily see 250k. I just wanted to bring up the question, how long do you think tuned cars will last for? In particualr your own? Now i understand not many peeps will keep there car until the death, but in your...
  4. What's a 2.0 16v like to live with?

    Hi I'm thinking about getting a seat cupra gti 2.0 16v and I'm wondering what is the car like to live with? I've read about the normal problems(pedal box and clutch) the car I'm thinking about has had those already fixed by previous owner. Also is this a good price for the car it's going for...
  5. looking to by a leon cupra R, i live in ireland

    i only know 1 guy that has 1 and hes not selling it
  6. Ibiza Sport 2.0 - What are they like to live with?

    Hi all, I have had a search but nothing relevant came back. I've been researching a lot into the 1.9tdi sport ibiza and like what i have found a lot, but they don't come up that often around the 3.5-4k range in decent condition. (apart from yellow/white ones). Spotted some nice 2.0...
  7. nuts

    What's a 20VT like to live with mpg wise?

    Hi All, Been a while since I've been on the forum. Looking at getting a 03 reg Cupra 20VT. Just wondered what people thought of ownership, what are they like to live with MPG-wise. Also, any idea on what to look out for when I go view one... any faults? Cheers, Nuts
  8. Cowie

    How long does a k03s turbo live for?

    Hi guys,am starting to think that with the car just getting past the 100,000 mile mark,whats the likelihood of things starting to fail,mostly i'm thinking bout the turbo here,am not really into the mechanics of these things,but if it did go 'pop' is it just the turbo that would need...
  9. Anyone live near romford?

    Does anyone live near romford who's got a lc? Want to check something on my car against there's (and i dont mean a race) Also has anyone who lives near romford got vag com?
  10. holty

    Is mufflerectomy easy to live with?

    Hello everyone, I've been quoted £75.00 to have my back box replaced with a straight through pipe with a tip of my choice. Quite reasonable I think. My main question is.Does anybody regret having theirs done? Does the 'Darth Vader' noise get annoying at all? I think I like the sound from the...
  11. ZBOYD

    Six hours-plus live from ITV4

    From ITV has confirmed timings for its mammoth live coverage of the HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship’s opening round from Brands Hatch this coming Sunday (5 April). The network’s ITV channel will be broadcasting live from 11.45am through to 6.00pm on Sunday – meaning for...
  12. LEE69

    Looking for 12v permanent live

    Other than on the "row" under the relays in the drivers footwell, is there any where else that i can tap into one? New gauge needs a memory for the red colour :)
  13. Applemobile

    Ignition Live

    where is the best place to take an Ignition live? I need a fairly decent one as i will be drawing a fair few amps. Is the ciggy socket in the boot switched by the ignition? and is it strong enough to handle the power of a compressor? wheers, any help is much appretiated.
  14. live feed to the fuel pump - wiring diagram needed

    Help please. I need a wiring diagram for a S reg Alhambra. Ive got a problem with the live feed to the fuel pump. All works fine if I put a direct feed from the battery to the fuel cut off valve, but as soon as I remove it the engine cuts.
  15. anyone live in gloucester

    that could plug there vagcom in for me??
  16. Switched live

    Hey guys, Does anyone know where I can find a 12V switched live in the dashboard area of a mk2 leon? It's a real pain that these are no longer in the back of the stereo!! Thanks, Jamie
  17. Interior power outlets - switched live

    In my Altea XL the interior power outlets are live only with ignition. In the touran (similar wiring loom) they were live all the time. (Which I want) Can this be reconfigured with a fuse move or a link in the fusebox? thanks
  18. ZBOYD

    Knockhill - LIVE

    LIVE Race 2 on ITV4 now. Congratulations to Darren Turner who won Race 1 earlier today, Plato took 3rd after a late race incident cost Giovarnardi the 3rd position. Gio came together with Tom Onslow Cole. SEAT have caught up well in the manufacturers title too, after Chilton failed to...
  19. ZBOYD

    Tourers live on ITV1 now!!

    Its on race has begun!!
  20. Anyone live in birmingham and willing to look at an altea for me at a deal?

    If someone could check a vehicle for me and give me some pics and a report on the damage etc?, I would be very greatfull, PM me if poss Cheers Guys:)
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