1. Lewis Hall

    Lowering Springs

    Hello, I have a 1.2L tsi seat ibiza 65plate, wondering if the apex 35mm springs will fit the sport coupe version, called companies up and they said they didnt know but im guessing this is due to not many people with the red edition, thank you
  2. Jimski

    SuperSport 35mm Front - 50mm Rear - Shock and Springs

    Evening! I know that Truss has asked the question about whether Supersport can consider making us happy by supplying a 35mm front, 50mm spring/shock kit for ibiza mk4. Just thought this thread could be a follow up to my thread asking a similar question generally and help everyone else...
  3. lowering 35mm

    iv just bought a set of 35mm springs and fitted them on sat.. it has gone lower but is ther anyway of making it lower??
  4. 35mm springs fitted yesterday??

    Iv just had 35mm springs fitted front and rear yesterday. but doesnt seem 2 be low enough..any ideas on making it lower??
  5. 3.5mm Aux-in Socket

    Does anyone know if it is possible to buy the 3.5mm Aux-in socket from Seat? My Leon is an 06 and didn't come with it fitted. Also, how does the socket work? Does it need a special box of tricks to be recognised by the headunit or (if all else fails) will something like this...
  6. 3.5mm stereo jack plug to Aura CD changer socket?

    I've got an Aura CD HU in my Leon and want to get a connection for either an iPod or any other MP3 player by way of a 3.5mm stereo jack plug. I know you can get kits which have an iPod specific dock connector one end and a plug for the CD changer the other but these are too expensive I think...
  7. libiza2007

    Plzz HELP!! MOT failure :( - 35mm Lowering Springs!

    Had me car about a month now and took it in for MOT this week ('95 beeza 2.0 gti), failed on a quite a bit, chassis welding, brake pipe corroded, front lower arm bush worn, track rod end and the most puzzling of all front springs!! Car is currently fitted with a set of Apex 35mm lowering...
  8. My 1.9TDI on 19`s & lowered 35mm

    Heres a few photos of my 1.9tdi reference as requested by some members. A lot of people are wondering what the new Leon is like on 19`s with lowered suspension, I personaly find the ride perfectly acceptable & I think you will agree 19" suits the car much better than 18" :p . I`m wondering if...
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