1. Rookiereece

    5F Aero Spoiler?

    Anyone know where I could get a genuine spoiler cheap, there were many on ebay around 150 pounds in December but I cant seem to find anymore. Cheers
  2. PH1L NI

    Ibiza MK4 Aero Kit

    I have plenty of pictures of people who have the sideskirts and front bumper of this kit.. But nobody seems to have any photos of the rear part of the kit fitted and painted? Anyone post any here, please? :)
  3. Aero Front Bumper Fog Lights

    Hi everyone. I have a pretty simple question which I hope someone can help me with. I've looked around the forum already but not been able to find the answer. I recently acquired an Aero Front Bumper from a local scrappy from an Ibiza 08 that was written off in a rear end collision. Poor car...
  4. jrsmooth

    Photos of rear K1 / BTCC / Aero Kit Bumper

    Hello, I have searched both this forum and google but cannot really seem to find many decent photographs. Basically I am in the process of having a new exhaust and I am undecided on which one to get. I have the K1/Aero/BTCC kit on my car. Also due to the fact some cars are all colour coded...
  5. Mk4 Golf Aero wipers/arms don't fit?

    Hi all, recently bought the mk4 golf r32 aero wipers and arms, went to fit them today and the passenger side wiper is too long? It fouls the windscreen surround which makes it not lie flat and it looks cack! Obviously I've been a doofus but I thought these were a straight swap - am I...
  6. Are these the correct aero replacement wipers and arms?

    Hi guys, sorry to start yet another thread about mk4 golf aero wipers! But can someone please confirm that these are the right ones to get (without having to trim anything) for my 2005 LCR? Cheers!
  7. aero blades

    hi dudes are these the aero blades that people recommend? cheers
  8. McCann87

    Front Aero Wipers Smearing

    Just bought some new aero wipers and fitted them yesterday but im still getting smears accros the screen off them!! I've tried washing my screen with hot water and soap to get any grease that may be on there off, but still continues to happen! Any idea's
  9. aero wiper blades

    hi im looking to order a set of aero wiper blades for my ibiza. the one ive seen on ebay the sizes are 21 INCH for drivers and 19inch for passengers. are these right? also is there much difference between the different brands?
  10. demonear

    In what way is the FL FR front aero bumper kit different from the pre FL one?

    I was hoping that they had now done away with the horizontal ridges or vanes that are usually seen in the side air intakes for starters. I prefer the look of the new FL aero kits spoiler & hope that that the FL front aero bumper has honeycomb grill parts to match the new honeycomb bonnet grill...
  11. demonear

    does the aero front bumper often catch on speedbumps etc?

    anyone no if this is a concern or not compared to the standard one? Cheers
  12. demonear

    Is the new aero kit front bumper the same as the pre facelift aero kit front bumper?

    Is the new aero kit front bumper for the FR exactly the same as the pre facelift aero kit front bumper? IE the spoiler is different for instance. I badly phrased this question previously so I thought Id ask again phrasing it a bit better! cheers, demonear
  13. aero wipers

    Hi, Are the aero wipers available to fit the 2002 ibiza?
  14. Fitting parking sensors to 2010 Aero front bumper r.

    My Seat dealer has just taken delivery of my 2010 FR 170 TDI with the Multi media system which includes front and rear parking sensors. I also ordered the Aero body kit. They have now informed me that the front parking sensors cannot be fitted to the Aero front bumper and are trying to sell the...
  15. For those with Aero side skirts

    Free advice should you wish to accept it - take your jacking point covers off until the snow passes as slush, snow and ice congregates inside the skirt and the weight pushes the jacking point covers down causing them to fall off. I have seen 2 local Leons with theirs missing and when I power...
  16. RobT

    Pastywagon sprint dates 2010 - Overall championship win!

    Now then all Thought I would get a thread started about 2010 prep - to motivate me as much as anything given the very cold weather and current total lack of enthusiasm to get in the garage. Moved house last year so didn't enter the 2009 Liverpool and Chester Speed Championship, but...
  17. are there any advantages to aero wipers???

    as the title states is there any real difference with having aero wipers??? also, there are loads on ebay, how do you know whats decent!
  18. Cupra Facelift Aero Kit?

    Hey Anyone know if the aero kit for the facelift keeps the 3 lines under the grill and the CUPRA badge on the front? I have a feeling it doesnt, which is more than retarded. I had the sideskirts and spoiler on my prefacelift so i deffo wants these on my new facelift, but the aero rear...
  19. Polo aero wiper arms

    Are these the same as the mk4 golf aero wiper arms?
  20. Aero front bumper, opinions on this

    Hi, After hitting a badger last week, i need a new front bumper on my leon. It currently has the aero kit, (half on the fron ;-)) and when i was looking for a replacement, i found this. It is half the price of my local stealers so i was just after opinions? cheers...
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