1. blueflame decat pipe for the mk4 ibiza

    hiya just wondering i have got a miltek cat back system if i brought the blueflame downpipe would the fix up to the miltek thank craig
  2. Blueflame arrived!

    Hi Damian, Exhaust turned up today, havent been able to check it yet, as I'm busy at work. Just wanted to say great service, both for this and the ARB I ordered previously. Seriously can't rate you guys high enough. Hopefully get under it and get it on this weekend!
  3. lynchy

    blueflame exhaust clamps?

    basically just wondering if you get new clamps with the exhaust? ive ordered my full system and waiting for it to arrive, had a look under car and the clamps are rotten and bound to snap! just so i know whether to get any etc? thanks
  4. lynchy

    YEY!! ordered full blueflame system!!

    ordered my dowpipe, decat and cat back today! cant wait to get it! hope its nice and loud. haha does anyone know if you get all gaskets with this system? random post sorry, bit excited though. lol
  5. Damian @ DPM

    Leon Blueflame Exhausts Now Online

    We now have Blueflame exhaust systems for the Leon 1M Cupra, Cupra R and FR PD150 and the Leon 1P Cupra and Cupra K1 in our online store.
  6. BoomhaueR

    Why does my blueflame hang so low?

    The top of the tip of my new blueflame exhaust hangs a good 3" below the recess in the bumper, and is off to left side by about 0.5". The mechanic who fitted it said he couldn't bend the rear mounting point up any further without the sort of 'U-bend' bit behind the rear box that goes over a...
  7. TJP

    Milltek or blueflame

    hi ppl. I was going to order myself a turbo back milltek for my car, when i was put off by them yesterday by a mechanic at work fitting one to a astra vxr, under warrenty. The whole system was rusty and the quality looked crap, to be honest. What are you thoughts on it? Now i'm thinking...
  8. GtSport

    Cupra Mk2 - Milltek TBE Vs Blueflame TBE

    I've searched for something similar this and all i've found was for Ibiza MK4 and Leon Mk1. I'm going to buy a new TBE system with sports cat for REVO stage 2+, but I can't decide between Milltek and Blueflame. Both have 3" downpipe. I know that Blueflame has a 3" catback Vs 2.75" for Milltek...
  9. BCM

    In Scotland bought a Blueflame?

    I need help with something, if anyone has bought a Blueflame downpipe please PM me! I'll explain all when you PM, here is not the place to go into it! Thanks in advance!
  10. new blueflame fitted

    hi had my blueflame cat back fitted today.iv also had blueflame take out centre box and run a straite pipe to backbox.also got a scorpion decat pipe on.the exhaust is very quite and sounds abit like a 1.2 corsa im abit gutted as all the other turbo cars iv had exhausts fitted to sounded...
  11. GeorgeChios

    Blueflame Exhaust LEON CUPRA FACELIFT

    By georgechios, shot with N86 8MP at 2010-01-29 By georgechios, shot with N86 8MP at 2010-01-29 By georgechios, shot with N86 8MP at 2010-01-29 By georgechios, shot with N86 8MP at 2010-01-29
  12. kyle'87

    Blueflame with a twist

    I have decided to go for the blueflame exhaust. Just the back box with centre section for now. Was just wondering if anyone had got the center section with the resonater cut out or removed? The large cylinder section. What's it sound like? kyle
  13. kupraking

    Jetex or blueflame for LC

    Ok chaps thinking about either a jetex or blueflame 6x4 oval for my LC. If anyone has one of these and has some really good pics and info please add a post, don't mean to be rude to the LCR chaps but LC pic's only as blueflame have none on their site :(
  14. arge

    Blueflame cat back gasket query

    So fitted my blueflame cat back this evening on one of the ramps at work, which was a doddle ! :funk: Thrilled to bits with it, quality seems spot on, fitment was easy and it looks and sounds awsome ! :clap: Anyway i have a quick query... Where the origonal cat joins the blueflame there...
  15. Cheapest Place For A Blueflame Cat Back?

    Hi Guys Im after a Blueflame Cat Back Exhaust System for my 2004 LCR. Does anyone know the cheapest place to get one? The cheapest I have found is on THIS website for £287.53 including vat and I have used them before without any problems. Fitting is not an issue as I will be doing this...
  16. BlueFlame DP - To wrap or not?

    I will get my new BlueFlame TBE system fitted very soon. I therefore bought black DEI wrap 5cmx15Meters(way to long, but that what I could get). But now I have second thoughts about wrapping it! Mostly due to craking, I know this shouldnt happen, but I guess its more likely to happen...
  17. Nef

    Louder exhaust - Miltek, Blueflame, Scorpion?

    looking at getting a milltek turbo back system, non resonated. but was wondering whick manufactor tends to be louder. Scorpion BlueFlame or Miltek? Also how hard is it to fit a turbo back system, i have the use of a pit aswell.
  18. andy_tratter

    Blueflame exhaust deals

    Hi, going to be getting a blueflame cat back pretty soon, does anyone know if anywhere has a special offer on for em at the min? cheers
  19. Blueflame Dp/Decat

    Hi, i've got a Blueflame downpipe/decat. And i was wondering if it will fit onto the standard System, as i'm a bit strapped for cash at the min. If not i'll have to wait untill i get a catback system. Thanks in advance:blink: Also, what are these like to fit. Are they a pain or what?
  20. lukecupra2001

    Will a Piper or Blueflame cat back fit ok with a Milltek downpipe and cat?

    ive had a rite carry on getting a new milltek back box of Awesome gti because of a stock misunderstanding or something and was wondering if any off the cat backs i mentioned would mate up with the Milltek because ive heard there a rite fart on and have to make adaptors up and what not. any help...
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