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Milltek or blueflame


Nov 24, 2009
hi ppl.

I was going to order myself a turbo back milltek for my car, when i was put off by them yesterday by a mechanic at work fitting one to a astra vxr, under warrenty. The whole system was rusty and the quality looked crap, to be honest.

What are you thoughts on it?

Now i'm thinking blueflame, but they only seem to make the oval design rear pipe.
I dont want the exhaust loud, only on acceleration, and with a nice rumble on tick over.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Jun 12, 2007
Portsmouth (ish)
I had a Miltek turbo back on my MK3 and it was brilliant. Nice and OEM on tickover but when I gave it the berries it made a great sound, a bit like a jet engine. I loved it that much i now have a Miltek turbo back on my 2.0T A3 Quattro.

I highly recomend them and i have never had any rust on them.


The "Red Baron"
Feb 24, 2008
South London
LOVE my blue flame turbo back. One of the best mods i have done to my car. Brilliant exhaust and excellent quality. Cant fault it in any way shape or form. Cheaper than the Miltek aswell :)


MR carbon fibre
Oct 4, 2008
the milltek should have not gone rusty due to it been made from stainless steel which does not rust are you sure that it had not colour changed from the heat ie blue/greyish
Oct 2, 2006
What about Jetex exhausts? I have a stainless system on mine its not too loud, obviously it sounds a bit louder on boost. Sometimes I wish it was a little louder though lol. may consider removing the middle silencer box. If I had to buy a new system now though it probaly would be a Blueflame.
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