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  1. Younes

    Scorpion Catback vs Milltek catback

    Hello there guys! Im a new Seat Leon Cupra ST (2019 4drive) owner. And im looking for a new catback exhaust. I have been checking out Milltek non resonated catback with quad GT black exhaust tips, but they are kinda expensive, and then i friend told me about Scorpion exhausts. So wich one do...
  2. BubbleBoy

    Milltek cat back

    Hi! Just woundering if the Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.8t cat back system from milltek fits on a Seat ibiza Cupra 2.0 16V ? :)
  3. t0m

    Milltek Cupra R owners in here please

    I need some Cupra R owners side view & back end photo's of the Milltek system fitted on your Cupra R's, and also if anyone wants to show off their video's of the system in action please do :) The video's I've seen haven't really convinced me, but with AMD not far away and free fitting if I...
  4. elcristoff

    Milltek exhaust users

    Hi guys, Fitted a milltek exhuast (off a mk3 Cupra) to my mk2 and its lovely, just one question though. The rubber mount that connects the main pipe to the car is nowhere near reaching the pipe, did anyone else have these problems? I'm currently running without it but it scrapes along...
  5. MacFever

    Milltek exhaust ?

    Does anyone know if Milltek is developping an exhaust for the new Ibiza and for the FR in particular ?
  6. Milltek question

    Has anyone fitted a milltek Cat back to their cupra them selves? I have fitted exhausts before but just wondering if there are any fiddly bits i should look out for and if there is anything in particular i need to do with it being milltek??:confused:
  7. Si_TDi_FR


    I'm looking at getting a cat-back Milltek for my FR TDi. Looking on their website they sell in Resonated and Non-Resonated. Obviously with Non_resonated being louder but how much louder are they? I will be getting a downpipe with cat replacement so its a full system, would this affect how...
  8. Captain Cupra

    Milltek Decat

    Hi All, Do milltek do a 3" downpipe and decat i can only find 3" downpipe and sports cat on the website. Is there a certain decat that will fit the milltek downpipe i also have the milltek cat back at present. What does a decat sound like on our cars? Does it give it the rice crispies...
  9. jrsmooth

    Milltek Non resonated for Diesel

    Hello, Has anybody here got this on their diesel FR? I am thinking of getting it fitted to mine but I do a lot of motorway miles so do not really want a drone. Also I am not a fan of boy racer type noises, am I looking at the wrong thing? If anybody could put up a youtube video of the back...
  10. Nobber

    Milltek Non-Res K1

    Done a search and read a few threads but wanted to get an answer direct from other K1 owners. I have the non-res Miltek cat back on the K1 now, and wondered if everyones boomed through the cabin like mine does. Don't get me wrong, I kinda like it but other people may not, especially my 2yr...
  11. Craigbarnley

    New Milltek now Smoke inside

    Hi Guys Had me milltek downpipe decat system fitted yesterday but ever since its been fitted when stationary you get a distintive smell of fumes inside the cabin! To me this sounds like a leak but why would i smell it in the cabin? anyone else had this! Also on a new note ever since...
  12. TJP

    Milltek or blueflame

    hi ppl. I was going to order myself a turbo back milltek for my car, when i was put off by them yesterday by a mechanic at work fitting one to a astra vxr, under warrenty. The whole system was rusty and the quality looked crap, to be honest. What are you thoughts on it? Now i'm thinking...
  13. Full Milltek or Re-map and part Milltek

    I am thinking of taking my car to AMD after 2 years and finally getting some mods done. I want upgarde to a forge 007p and air filter but don't have the funds for a full Milltek exhaust and a stage 1 re-map. So was think of getting a re-map and the back box only. Any advice as to what you would...
  14. GtSport

    Cupra Mk2 - Milltek TBE Vs Blueflame TBE

    I've searched for something similar this and all i've found was for Ibiza MK4 and Leon Mk1. I'm going to buy a new TBE system with sports cat for REVO stage 2+, but I can't decide between Milltek and Blueflame. Both have 3" downpipe. I know that Blueflame has a 3" catback Vs 2.75" for Milltek...
  15. Milltek highflow sports cat

    Thinking of selling mine any ideas on how much it's worth? I've seen them on ebay for over £500. Mines covered about 30k.
  16. wes_keo

    milltek exhaust

    does anyone know if the milltek exhaust for a mk5 1.9tdi golf will fit on a 1.9tdi leon? on the milltek website there isnt anything for the leon 1.9tdi but thought the golf one would fit as there basically the same car. can anyone clarify this for me? heres the exhaust...
  17. PH1L NI

    Going for a Milltek Exahust tomorow?

    I have a 2007 1.9 TDI Sport 100BHP... is there an exhaust that will suit mine? Can't find it on the website. Also a catback exhaust will it offer much more power? Or would I be better off going the full hog and going the turbo back route? I'm trying to get all my mods done before doing a...
  18. Milltek Cat Back

    Hi. I have a Altea FR TFSi and want to get a better exhaust, I have been looking at the milltek non resonated as this is what a number of the leon fr and cupra have fitted but I don't see an altea option. Does anyone know if the leon fr tfsi non resonated milltek will fit the altea...
  19. Milltek exhaust on a K1

    If you have a k1, with the Milltek exhaust system on it, could you please post some pictures of it here please, ideally one of a direct behind shot.... Reason being I had mine fitted a few weeks ago and It does hang a little on the low side... I asked the mechanic why it was as low and he...
  20. micky 32

    Milltek 2.75" vs 3.0" downpipe

    My KO4 Octavia has a 2.75" downpipe fitted, would there be much benefit upgrading to a 3"? Or is it a waste of time. Bear in mind mine gave same RR result as a ED30 with Stage 2+ on the same RR
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