1. s20ty c

    wheres the cheepest place for a blueflame

    hello where is the cheepest place to buy my self a blueflame cat back is it ebay? as i rang blue flame to day and thay said it would be 348 + vat and 15 P&P...
  2. rickyjones1209

    blueflame systems

    Aup Anyone here have a full Blueflame exhaust inc. decat and downpipe? I have priced up two systems, catback and full system including decat and downpipe. Its goin to be expensive but I'm thinking I'm going to go for full system with decat and downpipe and wondered if anyone has this and...
  3. s1l3nc3r

    miltek vs blueflame

    which one do you all think is worth geting and best quality and looks best miltek or blueflame systems. they about the same price. i think miltek will be best quality but i prefer the single oval on the blueflame to the twin on the miltek.
  4. blueflame exhaust system any good?

    Thinking about getting a catback blueflame exhaust system on my mk3 cupra are then any good? How loud are they i dont want it to loud and chavie!!! saw one on ebay for £325 is that a good price?
  5. cupramillo

    All Booked in For BlueFlame Turbo Back!

    Afrer alot of research and debating i rang Blue Flame and talked to a very clued up Nigel and i have ordered a full turbo back system! 3.0' downpipe and sports cat at 200cell rate! All in included fitting im paying 550 which i think is a good price for what im getting. Got a good discount aswell...
  6. adsbluecupra

    blueflame sport cat

    just wondering if anyone has a price for a blueflame sport cat/downpipe
  7. Banksy 1

    blueflame turbo back fitted

    Recently fitted my turbo back exhaust and im quite suprised with the difference it has made as i wasnt expecting much performance difference until i get it custom mapped but im quite happy with it, was a right pig to fit though as the bolt holes on the downpipe were that close to the pipe itself...
  8. r8byb

    removing centre silencer out of blueflame..

    Anyone done this, much louder ? any sound files etc ? :) Rob.
  9. BlueFlame Exhaust

    does anyone know if Blueflame are doing an exhaust, or do an exhaust for MK4 Ibiza Cupra?? or there any deals or groupbuys about atm?? Cheers, Matt
  10. G2232

    LCR blueflame prices

    How much have you LCR boys paid for you Blueflame systems. Sorry if this has been mentioned before but im at work and cant just risk sitting here reading through every thread
  11. Militek or Blueflame

    I am thinking off purchasing a turbo back system for my Ibiza fr 20vt. So the big question is , which one do I choose ?. I know the Milltek works out to be the most costly of them both, but which gives both performance gain's and a good exhaust note [ not to loud ]. I am sure there must be...
  12. p34ch3y

    blueflame pics please

    im in the pipe line to be change my exhaust system, i have the milteck cat back at the mo but i think im gunna go for the blue flame turbo back or just get the blueflame 3"down pipe and 100cell cat and stick it to the milteck i dont realy know wht to do yet cant make my mind up.......dut to help...
  13. Robbie C

    Blueflame 100 cell cat

    Just been on the phone to Blueflame to get a quote for a DP and cat for my Cupra and when I asked if they still sold the 100 cell cats I was told he could make one up with this if I requested it. I'm sure I read a thread a while back about some people having issues with engine lights and MOT...
  14. Help!!! Where Can I Buy A Blueflame Exhaust??

    Anybody Know Where I Can Buy A Blue Flame Exhaust?
  15. jamandspoon81

    where can i get a full blueflame system for a lcr thinking of getting a full exhaust system for my lcr bt with xmas around the corner and a new baby boy ive got to watch the pennies.also would i have to get the lamba sensor turned of etc to stop any fault codes? thanks,james
  16. Blueflame to supersprint

    Hi guys, i know this has been asked several times before, however after searching im finding conflicting answers, my question is will my blueflame dp & cat fit straight onto my supersprint cat back? or will a reducer be required? also where will i find a reducer to fit? any help...
  17. james walker

    exhaust on blueflame website oh my god, what is this exhaust, looks mint. not sure if its for the cupra though, but looks good anyways. where can you get one like this for the cupra 20vt? or is it not happening?
  18. Cuprajoe

    Blueflame exhaust +dp/cat TIPS?

    Picked up my blueflame today and am very impressed to say the least it all looks top quality. Can any one give me any fitting tips? Dont get me wrong ive fitted exhaust systems before no probs, just not on a car this new, but its the dp/cat im ever so slightly worried about doing lol...

    Blueflame blowing

    The flexi part on my Blueflame downpipe on my LCR has started blowing:cry: Phoned the factory and waiting a response but has anyone else had this problem and was it resolved???:help::help::help:
  20. Blueflame full system who sales them ?

    I have done a search, ive read all the posts about the issues James in particular had with the blueflame but for the money ive decided that i think that will be the best option as it comes with a racing cat. but there website is useless. Do you buy from there direct or does anyone know who...
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