1. nightflight

    Lighting Mk5 Ibiza Bulb List

    Information originally compiled by ibizasc-chris (my notes in red) (Alt. bulb code in blue) extract from the manual. Double Headlamps: Bocanegra / Cupra / FR / Sport / SE / Ecomotive Dipped beam - H7 Long Life How To: Guide Main Beam - H7 Sidelights - 2x W5W Long Life 501 How To: Guide...
  2. Hello

    Hello I'm new to the page and I have a question about my seat bocanegra 2010 model I have an bulb management light come on and alot of people have said I need canbus bulbs fitted to turn it off i need advice
  3. OJ9693

    Red Halogen or LED footwell bulbs

    I want to swap my footwell bulbs for red to match the ambient door lights. I have just had a look to see if they were LED as i've browsed other posts and people said they were, however mine are W5W Halogen. Now my question is can i simply swap these for LED bulbs or will this produce faults...
  4. jacko5

    My Seat Leon SC FR 2014 fog light bulbs ..

    Looking to replace the front fog light bulbs on the above car. I have looked around and seen 2 fitting for the bulbs. H3 and H8 can anyone tell me which bulb i need. Want to get it right first time as they are a pain to do. Looking at these...
  5. JHox

    LED Side lights what sort of bulb needed?

    As above. Can anyone provide some guidance as to what bulbs are needed to change the Mk2 FL Leon sidelights from yellow to white to better match the xenon headlights?
  6. Hello!! Newbie to the site - can we talk Headlights please?

    Hi All , Just thought I would introduce myself . I would like to ask a question please? I have a Leon FR 2011 and the Headlights seem very misty . This is not a water ingress issue more like the plastic or lens has been scratched /pitted somehow however it seems to be inside . Is this possible...
  7. R 20vt J


    Thought i would make it easy for people if they were wanting to change there bulbs! After searching i found these bulbs seem to be popular and i have went away and ordered them, will get pics when all fitted. Here is the links and prices including postage. Number Plate bulbs ...
  8. karlw

    Xenomatch Bulbs

    Got these today to try in my LCR (I hope its H7 fitting ;) ) I ran them in my evo and nex to my brothers who had a proper HID kit you could hardly tell the difference and for £11.99 can you really go wrong? :thumbup:
  9. CupraR_Lad

    Auto Meter Gauge Bulbs

    Hey guys, I have noticed that the original bulbs and red covers arent that bright in the dials! I ordered these the other day which came today! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250605425601&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT Testing the car in the dark they turn out to be...
  10. Daryld

    LED Sidelight bulbs

    Guy's i know there are a few topics flying around about these but i just want some one to post the link they bought their LED sidelight bulbs from?? Want to get some for the FR... Also if any one has got the link to get blue/white led bulbs for foglights could they post it?? Thanks
  11. Fien

    HID bulbs and Angel Eyes fitting

    Just bought myself a set of H7 HID conversion kit and thought i'd get around to fitting them today. everything was going well until i tried to fit the bulbs which dont fit!! :confused: from looking on here it now seems that this is a common thing and i'll have to drill the fitting holes. this...
  12. Side light bulbs

    :confused:How the bloody hell do you change them?
  13. hoggy90

    changing licence plate bulbs

    does anyone know how to pull out the original licence plate bulb holders?(the black housing) i cant seem to get it off to replace my standard bulbs with my new hid ones!
  14. Scott-o

    Interior and boot LED light bulbs

    Anyone have an idea what bulbs i need? Got led fuse type bulbs in my number plate lights but the interior and boot ones are longer are they not? Anyone able to help? Cheers, Scott
  15. PIAA extreme white plus bulbs

    Is any one useing PIAA extreme white plus bulbs? wouldnt mind a little bit of feedback before i part with the cash? cheers :)
  16. 306Chris

    LED Sidelight bulbs

    Hi Guys, Can anyone suggest some LED sidelight bulbs that seem to do well in the Ibiza? I fitted 2 at the weekend and its blown the n/s one twice! Now I'm down to my last spare but they dont seem to agree with the Ibiza! :cry: Same bulbs have neen in my astra for over a year now so I...
  17. ukreddevil

    is it me or is it nearly impossible to change headlight bulbs.....

    Evening all, One of my headlight bulbs went on the beeza the other evening, i have finally bought some new ones (I have had to drive my dads mondeo at night!!!!) but on first inspection i am either going to have to take out the battery or the headlight itself? And to boot the sodding side...
  18. Headlamp bulbs

    Has anybody tried this head lamp set or brought items off this seller? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SEAT-LEON-00-XENON-HID-UPGRADE-CAR-FOG-BULBS_W0QQitemZ230312334126QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item359faf532e
  19. n_d_fox


    After following the numerous threads on bulbs (side lights, dipped, main etc etc) i took the plunge and ordered myself some mTec bulbs from Hids-Direct. Went for the MTec side light bulbs and the 55w cosmos white dipped (H7) in the end. Anyway, they arrived in good time so i decided to...
  20. xenon headlight bulbs

    hi guys, looking at upgrading my headlights to xenons and the sidelight bulbs to. any ideas for best one's to use? thanks :D
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