1. j.owen

    1.8TSI Clutch Warranty

    Hi guys, I remember the thread on here last year regarding clutch slip and warranty related work on the 1.8TSI Cupra... I've recently started to notice my clutch is slipping, I was just wondering how you guys (or anyone else) got on with SEAT regarding the warranty? I know that the clutch is...
  2. MK4 1.9TDI FR Hard to put in to gear.

    Hi, I have a 1.9TDI FR 52 plate, the clutch and gearbox were solid, however now when I depress the clutch and select any gear I have to push it that little bit harder to get it to engage, however if I keep the clutch in I can change gear just fine, I have no idea what could be causing it. No...
  3. Mk3 Ibiza S Clutch Problems

    Hi everyone. Im new so please go easy on me. I've had my Ibiza S for nearly 2 years now. When i baught it, the dealership knew about the clutch being very heavy and solid. They said all that was needed apparently was a Clutch cable adjustment as the biting point was very high. I have still...
  4. magicoi

    Clutch prices . . .Leon Cupra TDi

    Im asking here as its too latetoday to ring a dealer / garage to check out prices for a replacement clutch as mines slipping. Getting worse and needs doing sooner rather than later Im toying with the idea of uprates Sachs job and then geting a map but im not sure i really have the money...
  5. Potential clutch slip

    I have had a good look to see a similar question been asked but i recon my case is different. if i have been driving my lcr more exuberantly than the norm over a period, say round a few twistys then up the slip road and on the motorway, i notice what seems like my clutch slipping. at 3000rpm...
  6. stebbi

    Sach Sintered Paddle Clutch Review

    1 Word...WOW! This is one fantastic bit of kit! Rated to 480lbft it is never going to slip on any of our cars no matter what we throw at it, some garages said it was a bit of overkill going for such an uprated clutch but jesus it makes such a difference. Previously I had the organic...
  7. Which clutch and flywheel??

    Hi all, After just purchasing my LCR and taking it a decent drive to see what it can do, I have discovered that the clutch is slipping in 5th and 6th if you plant your foot. So what I would like to know is which clutch is recommended and whether or not to change from dual mass to single...
  8. zach225

    Cheapest place for oem clutch

    As title suggests for my Ibiza tdi 130, anyone know how much seat charge etc? Thanks
  9. terrible vibration on clutch

    help please just bought a 110 tdi o3 plate 80k its got 3 months warranty so now lets get back to worries the car vibrates as i change gear terribly i am told there is no dual mass on a 110 gear change a bit sloppy the engine is ticking over at 950 is this right as its a touch rough...
  10. zach225

    Tdi clutch advise

    Hey all, my clutch is slipping very very occasionally and I thought I would replace it as I have the money, my car is running 175bhp and 300 ft/lbs. What would be my best option? I don't necessarily want to be going for more power but a clutch that can easily handle what I have plus...
  11. Clutch Slip

    Hi had my APR Stage 2 completed over 2 years ago and 14000 miles. Currently running just over 300 BHP and 360 lbft torque. Done 2 track days and a weekend at the Ring in the past. To be honest I dont drive the car very hard but in the last few weeks the clutch has started to slip when changing...
  12. tarzan

    clutch issue

    have some rattling from my car but when i push clutch pedal down the rattling is gone:confused:and t it makes som noise from the pedal to squiking noise have standard clutch and works fine easy to get in gears is this the clutch bearing on it`s way out?or flywheel clutch?
  13. Revs staying high when clutch depressed???

    When I depress the clutch pedal, it takes a couple of seconds for the revs to drop, any ideas?
  14. Is my clutch going?

    Hi all, newbie here with a possible clutch problem in my Cordoba. The clutch pedal has always been stiff but I've gotten used to it over the years. Now though, I've noticed the gearstick is having trouble finding 1st and 2nd, regardless of how far i push the clutch pedal. Lifting the clutch...
  15. FR TDI Clutch Pedal Vibration???

    I have had my Leon FR TDI for a week and still getting used to driving a diesel (Always driven petrol). I have noticed over the week, whenever I press the clutch down to change gear there is a fair bit of vibration on the pedal. Now to start with I just thought it was the diesel engine vibrating...
  16. Spongy Clutch

    Hey, my clutch has gone really spongy?? What might of caused it? Guess its a simple fix??
  17. Ieuan-J

    changing a clutch

    How difficult is it to change a clutch? Mine has gone and wanted to know what is involved in doing it? What do i need to remove to get to it and is investing in a haynes manual worth a go? Im not a proffesional or anything and im quite mechanically minded, and i do potter about with my car...
  18. Creaking clutch pedal how do i fix it ??

    i have a 2.0 8v gti and when lifting the clutch pedal up it creaks and is slightly sticky any ideas how to fix it , its doing ma nut in :wtf: cheers
  19. what brand clutch?

    ok, so after 30k of soft driving, my supposedly bomb proof altea needs a new clutch and flywheel. definitely not getting another seat after the customer care i've received, the dealer (listers Coventry) tried this stunt on me: i bought the car from them brand new in 2006- then a week before the...
  20. what clutch!!!!

    hi, i resently had revo stage 2+ tune up, and now my clutch is starting to slip! i want sumthink the can take the power but stil retane the standard feel (light)??? thanks dan
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