1. Gordz

    Creaky Clutch Pedal?

    Every so often my clutch pedal makes a creaky noise when I press it, usually only after a long drive, but noticed it's doing it more now. Clutch & gear changes etc. still feel like normal. Anyone any idea what this may be???
  2. cuprachris81

    How much does a new clutch cost

    How much does a new clutch cost?

    intermittent sticky clutch -Master or Slave????

    Hi all, SLAVE or master cylinder??? recently I've been having some issues with the clutch. Mainly from cold start, clutch bites almost instantly in 1st and reverse and then gradually returns to normal within about 5 mins driving. The pedal is not staying on the floor and neither do i need...
  4. Help needed clutch cable snapped.

    Hi im new to this, I just bought an Seat Ibiza cupra mk 3 I think, lol, wiki says 99-2002, its a yreg, 1.4si or isit is? lol. I have had it a week fairly standard, the clutch cable snapped and now I went and bought one but wasnt sure if I should have a go myself, are they hard to fit? Do I...
  5. Which clutch??

    Im after a new clutch for my mk2 golf 1.8t running gt30 turbo its been running a standard luk vr6 clutch for last 2 years which has held up pretty good, All i need now is the clutch then can put it back together so im after any ideas as im after one asap.
  6. Weird Clutch Issue

    As I was leaving work this evening, I went to put the clutch down, and there was LOADS of play! Usually, the whole travel of the peddle is stiff, but tonight is was free, and only last hal inch or so was "stiff".... Gradually came back, and after 5-10minutes driving, the clutch peddle was back...
  7. PD130 clutch change

    Anybody did this themselves? I plan on doing it with another pair of hands at work. We have ramps, transmission stands and all the tools. Just wondering if its much of a clart on for people who have done it themselves? does the subframe have to be dropped or anything? Crossy
  8. seanaldo1987

    possible clutch issue

    Hi guys last week when sitting at motorway cruising speed i put the foot down in 6th gear as soon as the car came on boost the revs raised from about 3.2k to 4k then dropped back to 3.5k and boosted with no problems is this signs of the clutch starting to show tell tail signs of being on...
  9. digby130?

    think i have clutch slip-advice

    hey guys - car is ibiza mk4 130pd running around 170bhp 291lb/ft i think my clutch is slipping...whenever i put on the power below 2000 RPM sometimes the revs go up, car slows down a bit then the revs drop and start rising again like normal and it pulls like a train :D if i have clutch slip...
  10. karlw

    Helix clutch issue

    Ive got a new Helix clutch, new release bearing and lighten fly but sometimes the car doesnt always release properly from 1st gear. I spoke to a friend who is also a mechanic and he said thats the characteristics of the clutch surely thats not right??
  11. Has my clutch gone?

    When I am accelerating and the car hits about 2500 revs the revs climb fast and the speed does not, then if I ease off the accelerator, the revs drop back to about 2500 then if i accelerate more gently the revs go higher and so does the speed. I first noticed this problem when the roads...
  12. cuprawill

    g60 flywheel vr6 clutch

    I was just wondering why people do this conversion, also do the go straight on or is there other work involved cheers
  13. Gearbox or clutch issues

    My 05 plate Leon FR TDi has an intermittent issue somewhere with the gearbox/clutch and I am wondering if anyone else has had similar problems... This has been ongoing for the past 3 months...the car has done 53k miles. Occasionally when you dip the clutch the gearbox will crunch going into...
  14. Flywheel and clutch on ebay for £179. Shell I go for it?

    Thats what Ive found on ebay : ''Audi A3 TT Seat Cardoba Ibiza Leon Toledo Octavia VW Bora Golf Beetle Passat Polo Vento 1.4 TDi, 1.8 T, 1.8 GTi, 1.9 TDi, 96- Flywheel, Clutch, Bearing # New OE Solid Flywheel, Clutch Kit (plate & cover), Bearing # This is a SOLID flywheel conversion for a Dual...
  15. Clutch Upgrade Needed?

    Hi one and all, Bought a Leon Reference Sport 2.0 TDI with a 196BHP remap with 325nm torque (was 140BHP) and it hasn't had a clutch upgrade, my local specialist says I need a new clutch and that a good one is about £700 as the clutch could go and mess up the flywheel and cost me thousands...
  16. FR+TDI

    2.0 tdi (BKD) Dual Mass Flywheel & Clutch

    Just taken the box out of my Altea 2.0 TDI & I'm pretty sure the DMF is phucked! It seems to have end float, ie, you can seperate the two parts slightly - I don't think this should be happening!! So, suggestions for the best place (price) to get a replacement. Cheers.
  17. Clutch for the PD130

    New member to the forum here don't drive a seat but know a few of the lad's on here. Somebody take a look at this clutch and give opinions please, wanting a new clutch to cope with a lot more torque and a flywheel (debating whether to go single mass) preparation for hybrid turbo. £600 It's a...
  18. lukecupra2001

    Is my clutch dead?

    Hey guys my clutch has just started to slip abit in 6th at motorway speeds when i floor it i.e 70/80mph to overtake but not at slower speeds. Aint the normal test to boot it in high gear at low speed and should slip then if its dead? Car has done nearly a 117000 miles and about 75k of them at...
  19. Clutch problem

    Alright there I reckon my clutch has gone I was racing my friend in his type-r and i was in the middle of 3rd gear and there was traffic in front so i put i tried putting it in 2nd but it wouldnt go in, wouldnt go into any gear. So i pulled up and the car wouldnt go into gear, 2-3 mins...
  20. BRB

    Clutch help

    My clutch went on my 04 leon cupra r ...... does anyone know the prices or were i can get a new one fitted .......anyone else fitted a new clutch ...The clutch pedal is on the floor and when i start car there is smoke coming out of engine with a rattling noise....... was told it was my slave...
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