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  1. Short motorway journeys + cold engine = ?!??!

    I am picking up an 08 plate FR TDi next week and would like to hear what people think about motorway driving whilst the engine is cold. My commute to work is a very short hop to the motorway, a 5 minute blast down it, and a very short hop the other side to the car park. My current Golf barely...
  2. Cupraken

    Cold Air Intake using standard air box??

    Just wondering if it's worth blocking off the engine bay side of the standard air intake as it gets unbelievably hot in there! Has anyone done this and is there a downside, it might make it a bit like a (very) budget Dbilas!!
  3. How cold is your aircon?

    I had my aircon regassed by Kwik Fit only 2 weeks ago but on Low it just doesn't feel icy cold. I'm wondering is this normal or something faulty? Most of my journeys are 5-10 minutes but even after this length of time its not icy.
  4. danny20vt

    cold air intakes

    just been looking at the CAI's that locate the air filter down by the bumper for the Leon 1.8t (180), i've just had a quick feel and look and can't see how they can route the pipe work down to this position :confused: has anyone got any photo's (or links to) or explain how they fit also, i...
  5. AEM Cold Air intake related question

    Hi friends, I've mantled AEM cold air intake kit to my Cupra but i hear some noises when i hit the gas pedal full, such as friction sound(tyre to fender) but it's not fricting at all. This noise comes from filter side. When i ask to some friend who use EVO9 they say this noise is normal as...
  6. Oj 89

    Bored!!! Design a cold intake for the 1.4 chill?

    Would there *really* be any point to doing this? I'm off work all week because of an op on Monday. I'm supposed to be resting, but I can't just sit on my butt all day. So thought I could design a cold air intake, but what would this do to a car with such small BHP anyway? Comments? I really am...
  7. Ovni_cupraR

    LCR cold air feed idea

    I fitted my green open cone last week and although I love the noise it makes, I feel like it's a little more sluggish than it used to be. I'm waitin for a 3 inch air feed to be delivered and I'm trying to think of the best way to get cold air to filter. At the moment I just have the original air...
  8. Cold air feed

    Hi, I've got a Ibiza 1.9TDi 130. I have very minimal knowledge about cars and am looking to do little upgrades to my car. First thing I was looking at was to either get the green cotton filter or an induction kit. I've done some research and seem to understand how to fit the induction kit...
  9. cypher007

    cold start problems

    ive had cold start problems for a while now. here's what ive done so far: 1) vagcom said the temp sensor was nacked, so replaced it. 2) replaced all glow plugs. 3) fitted BMC cotton panel filter. 4) run on shell regular, though did run some millers through it a while back. any ideas...
  10. SeanyK

    Cold air intake hoses... What lengths / ID's have you all chosen?

    Hey folks, I've done a search but a lot are mentioning dynatwist feeds etc, which I do not have. As I am hopefully fitting my FMIC this weekend, I will be using the opportunity to also fit a proper cold air feed, and remove the standard one. I am going to buy a Neoprene air intake pipe...
  11. DanAPR225

    Pressure drop fault with cold side kit??

    Hoping someone may be able to shed some light on my some what frustrating problem! My car is running the mods listed in the sig below and running a forge 007P dump valve with yellow spring, and also something that is not listed, a forge MAP tube. When the dump valve is plumbed up the...
  12. my buzzing on cold starts

    ive done a search and nothing come up for this that i could find . my car makes a horrible buzzing zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on cold starts as anyone had the same problem its been lyk it for a week many thanks
  13. lanceneoman

    juddery when cold, problems

    some mornings, my cars juddery first thing in the morning, then after two mins ok, but you can be in 3rd accelerating slowly and will shudder a bit. few months ago i had a fault check and it had a dump valve and maf sensor fault. ive had a new baily dump valve fitted, so would it be the maf...

    1.8T sounds like a diesel when cold

    well my car was fine until I got my cambelt done recently, and was ok shortly after but now when I start it up it sounds like a diesel for about 2 or 3 minutes till the revs settle down, sounds like alot of vibration. Anyone have this happen to theres and is it linked to the recent cambelt and...
  15. cupra drew

    fog light cold air feed

    [/ms/IMG]aup lads removed my passenger fog light yesterday and decided to use it as a cold air feed as it didnt work anyway so i got some 4 inch ducting and used the existing hole its quite a good cheap mod and isnt that noticeable let me no what ya think[/IMG][/IMG]
  16. AntneeUK

    LCR Won't Start When Cold

    Guys, For the past two days I've been unable to start my 52-plate LCR at 5:30am when it's cold. The lights all come on no problem, the radio powers up, the air con starts up, but when I turn the ignition the light on the hazard warning light switch goes off and the fans stop. When I release...
  17. cuts out when cold?

    in the mornings when i use the car for the first 5 mins it will cut out if you dip the clutch, which is getting abit annoying now, then after 5 mins its fine. anyone know why? im guessing its a sensor but dont know which one. thanks
  18. highguyuk

    Cold Air Scoop/Feed/Airbox Questions - Newbie!

    Hey, So continuing on with my desire to do a few bits to my car, I bought a cold air scoop. I believe it's the same one from the group buy. I already have a green panel filter in there. I have the 1.8 Non Turbo, so my engine bay looks similar to the picture below (stolen from Greg R84)...
  19. brakes grinding when cold

    ive only had my cupra r a few weeks but ive noticed the brakes make a grinding noise when cold. i searched on here and found one thread but it didnt really help me other than it seems to be fairly standard. a dealer fix was mentioned but the thread was from 2005 so im after some advice with this...
  20. induction kits and cold air feeds..

    Ive looked and looked for the right induction kit.. I have a mk4 ibiza fr and am thinking the next step is a induction kit.. Ive had a look on the web for some and i have a rough idea but im just want to make shore i get the right one.. Im doing this because of the air flow system witch im not...
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