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  1. Syphon

    Pictures of all the CUPRA Formentor colours

    All the CUPRA Formentor colours shown on the car for the first time
  2. Syphon

    SEAT updates its range for 2019

    Syphon submitted a new article SEAT updates its range for 2019 Continue reading the full article
  3. Mk5 Ibiza interior colour

    just picked up my new ibiza and am looking to fit my pioneer headunit I had in my previous car but can’t work out which colour my interior is or where to find the colour. I believe my colour code is CU but I don’t know which colour that is. The fitting kits come in two shades of black, nite and...
  4. help needed with my copper colour 16v ibiza an what wheels to buy

    need help with what wheels i should get for my r-reg 16v ibiza, its got a 20v turbo engine fitted to the car just need some nice wheels to finsh it off, its got the standard 16'' mutispoke ronal wheels fitted just need something to stick out of the arches a bit more, so anyone one got any...
  5. nightflight

    Fuel's the wrong colour

    The garage who are looking at my car have said the diesel in my filter is yellow instead of blue. anyone know why this might be?
  6. What Colour?

    I was going to buy a seat leon this Thursday but now iv suddenly had a change of heart on the colours and cant decide. I was going to go for Black, k1 body kit, black rims.. But now im thinking similar spec but red or blue? Wondered if any of you could influence me with some photos of you...
  7. Cupra wheel colour?

    Managed to get myself some Leon cupra wheels for my ibiza PD130. Just been out in the garage, sanded down half a wheel and got bored. So ill be getting them powdercoated tommorow :lol: Suggestions on colour though? My car is silver...
  8. A colour question

    I'm in the process of colour coding my ibiza and have seen a MK5 ibiza at the local scrap yard that I want to take the door handles off and fit to mine (i'm pretty sure that the part numbers are the same so should go straight on). My car is a Luna Grey Mk4 and the car at the scrap yard looks...
  9. RS6

    What Colour to refurb my wheels pics

    Hi all looking into getting my wheels painted and bit unsure what colour to go for i have in mind Gunmetal ford grey Bright Star Silver or Gold like the subaru sti manages to pull off what do people think as my car is black im not sure i want them to dark, if my car was red, yellow or grey...
  10. Zenith Grey Leon FR, What colour Wheels?

    Well, i'm picking my car up on Wednesday and really looking forward to it now!!! It's Zenith Grey in colour, and has the 18" Andromeda Alloys on it. All 4 wheels are kerbed so the first thing i'm going to do is get them refurbed.... My main decision is trying to decide what colour to go...
  11. Stiglet

    multi colour cloth interior ?

    this FR 1.9TDI i am going to look at in platinium grey when it comes in states multi colour cloth interior ? ive looked at loads of other FRS and all i can see is black/grey cloth ? there is no picture of this car yet and ive searched google to try and find the multi colour cloth interior with...
  12. colour code

    Hello i need a touch up paint stick for my candy white Ibiza,but cannot find one on eBay,but there is a one for a vw in candy white,it has a code of PAINT CODE --- LB9A/B4 is this the same as the seat candy white were will i find the paint code please. thanx bowie
  13. What colour LCR?

    Hi guys newbie to forum. Bit of an odd one, what colours would you guys gofor on a LCR? I'm looking to get one in next month and torn between black and Luna grey at the moment! Cheers!
  14. colour coding mirrors and bump strips help!

    Hey all. am wanting to colour code my mirrors and bump strips. i know roughly what i have to do but i cant seem to find my cars paint in spray can form. its a 2002 52 reg model and its volcano red paint code sp3 i believe. but everyone who has said go to halfords.......they only do ibiza...
  15. WTCC:2010 SEAT colour sceme

    Heres Tom Coronels new colours :D
  16. nightflight

    Seat Ibiza Colour Range

    There's numerous threads of people asking for pictures of the various colours the new ibiza's available in so it made sense to create a single post with them all in. If you need a touch up paint for any of these colours, or just want the code, then Click Here (takes you to the Seat Accessories...
  17. Wheel Colour Change

    Well, I'm thinking of re-spraying the wheels as soon as the weather is better. Originally I was gonna stick with black, but get a much glossier black than before. Anyway, the other day I saw a silver Fiesta ST with red aloys (similar colour to the Megane R26R wheels). It looked ok, but I was...
  18. stu38

    bocanegra wheel colour

    Hi everyone, any of the boc owners managed to find out what our wheel colour and paint code is , bound to be a typical seat nightmare spoke to paint guy today and is gonna get back to me monday to see if he can locate it on his system obviously i will post up if i find out:think:
  19. t-cut colour fast

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if t cut colour fast works very well. iv got a yellow seat leon cupra and the paint work is fading and would like to know if it's worth using. thanks.
  20. Adamricko

    OEM Colour and advice

    Hi folks, My brother has been looking at getting a car, really likes my Ibiza and found this. I have NEVER seen this colour on a MK3, is this a standard OEM colour? is it a LTD edition? Its listed as a 1.6 sport, as you can see on the second picture there is another badge above the "Ibiza"...
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