1. m0sch

    which ipod connector ?

    just been to car audio security near me and they tried the 2 they had on thier system but niether reconised the ipod , when you pressed CD it just said "Changer" and went back to radio ! does anyone know what connector i need as this one was to take out the cd changer and use ipod but didnt work...
  2. fr 05 plate ipod connector? found these, think i need one of the top 2 as i have an aura sterio with cd changer and climate control underneath. which one of he top 2 do i need, is mone pre-wired or not? or...
  3. skullmunki

    Power washer connector help

    I've inherited a Pro Performance power washer (B&Q jobby) from my dad, and its a brilliant machine, but i'm after a snow foam loance for it and just wondered if its possible to get one to fit it (i'm assuming the powerwasher is made by one of the big boys but i dont know which one) This is...
  4. how do I remove this connector???? Anyone with HID headlamp experience?

    This is driving me crazy!!! I'm trying to remove my headlamp. I've got the front bumper off and the only thing stopping me from getting the headlamp out is the electrical cable that brings power to the headights! ttp://
  5. Dimension Ipod Connector

    Picked up my car on Wednesday night (1.2 Ibiza) and we managed to blag an ipod connector with the car when we bought it. They didnt have the part in when i went to pick it up so i went to get it fitted yesterday when they had it in stock and to my surprise all it does is charge my ipod up and...
  6. Port connector

    Hi All I am planning to buy a cable to connect to my Ibiza MK4 2004. Can anyone confirm which connector do I need, is it a OBD2 16 pin or CAN? Thanks Hans
  7. canonman

    Ibiza iPod connector now available dealer Fit!!

    It’s been a long time coming, but the Ibiza Dension Gateway 100 iPod connector is now available The Gateway 100 allowa Ibiza drivers to see album and track information on their car audio displays, and to control the iPod via the radio or multi-function steering wheel. Sound is crystal clear...
  8. Aerial Cable Connector Help

    Hi, Can someone please help me! I need to replace my roof mounted aerial base. I have removed the rear trim and can access the aerial base under the headliner no problem (without creasing the headliner too!!!) but I can not work out how to disconnect the aerial cable connector. The...
  9. Dension Gateway Ipod connector

    Hi Guys I am looking to fit a Dension Gateway 100 ipod adapter. I've been searching through the numerous threads, but can't seem to find the definitive answer, so thought i'd ask. I have an 07 Leon FR TDi with bluetooth option (large dash MFD) and standard MP3 Stereo (with aux input) If...
  10. Fl@pper

    Speedo / cluster / instrument panel connector Wiring Info should prove useful to someone for checking when adding a 16v spedo or polo or even with engine swaps etc
  11. Taipan

    Seats new ipod connector

    Anyone know anything about these? Ive been waiting on one for 2 weeks now. Stealer says they are in country but not available to anyone! Does anyone know where they will fit? Im wondering if i should just get a Denison and be done with it.
  12. barryg

    Glow Plug Connector Rail Broken

    I got the engine mgt light on, I pluged it in got electrical fault to glow plug 2 3 and 4, When I looked at the plugs they are fine the problem seems to be with the plastic rail that connects to all the plugs, it is cracked on each of the legs that branch off to each plug. one leg is...
  13. Fog light connector

    Any ideas on how to get the foglight connector off? I mean the one which plugs onto the whole fog light unit, not the bulb connector
  14. Faisal

    snapped dumpvalve connector

    while fitting my TIP i managed to snap the top connecter (the one with the tiny hose attached to it), and iv tried a few places but cant seem to get any help... it still works,still makes the tshhhh noise but i dont know how bad it can end up it is; what is the technical...
  15. Engine loom connector identification. Leon 1.8T AUQ

    Hi guys. I've started the conversion to the afternmarket ECU. But I'm stuck on the identity of one of the connectors. It is the only one that has a siver rubber cover. It is near the speed sensor. And pin colours are :Purple/White, Brown, Yellow/Black. It's don't seem to be in the...
  16. Engine loom connector identification. Leon 1.8T

    Hi guys. I've started the conversion to the afternmarket ECU. But I'm stuck on the identity of one of the connectors. It is the only one that has a siver rubber cover. It is near the speed sensor. And pin colours are :Purple/White, Brown, Yellow/Black. I'm thinking it's Reverse...
  17. Headlight Removal - Electrical Connector

    I'm currently in the process of swapping my headlights for OEM Xenons but am having a bit of a problem disconnecting the electrical connector from the original units. It seems a very tight fit and don't want to be pulling on anything too hard for obvious reasons. Does anyone know if there is...
  18. mr.leatherday

    ipod connector for standard seat leon radio

    hi evary one i hope some one can help me beteer than the dealer. i want a i pod connector for my sterio but if i have one do i lose the cd changer also dose anyone know the cheapest place to get one and are they hard to fit? thankls for your time Martin.
  19. Dension iPod connector Not Workie :(

    Hi Guys, I recently got this connector and had it fitted today. But it doesnt seem to work :( Now my car has already got a Aux connector in the centre console which I have previously been using. This morning that has been replaced with the dension connector. When powering the...
  20. GUIDE: Fitting Dension Gateway 100 (or other iPod connector)

    Some or all of this information may well be available elsewhere, but I couldn't easily find it when I wanted it and others have been seen to be asking how, so this is... How to install the Dension Gateway 100 iPod connector (GW) to the standard OEM Leon Mk2 head unit (HU). (A very similar...
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