1. Can I replace the console of my S model, with the console of an SE model?

    I bought a 2014 Seat Leon SC - model S from a used car dealership in March. I would like to know if it would be possible to replace the console (cupholder/handbrake section) of my car with the console of an SE model. The main reason why I would like to do this is because the SE model includes an...
  2. Glue behind A/C temperature Screen has gone

    Hi everyone, the glue behind where the A/C temperature has gone on my Cupra so that it looks like the glass has cracked. does anyone have a fix? thank you!
  3. GMAN79

    Double din lower console for sale

    Hi all Not sure if this is the right place for this thread. I have a like new double din lower centre console for sale for Seat Leon. Perfect for those of you that have changed the dashboard centre console for the double din version and lost your ashtray. As already stated, its like new. I...
  4. Seat Ibiza 2014 Garmin Console skipping and not updating song

    Hey, So I have a 2014 Ibiza and the Garmin Console worked fine to play music through via Bluetooth until recently. However, when you first start it up, it skips (bad, like misses out a few seconds at a time) for about a minute, and then play normal. It will then also do it whenever you pause and...
  5. chris2401

    Carbon fibre look cenre console n glovebox handle? Where can I get one?

    Hi Guys. I have seen this LCR for sale and and it's got a Carbon 3MDOC centre console and glovebox handle. I really like the look of it, but can't seem to find where you would purchase one from? I just wondered if anyone else had this in their LCR or if they know where would sell them...
  6. anyone painted interior parts, centre console etc. pics?

    looking for pics of painted interior parts whether it be dash, centre console. handles etc.....not seen many threads with it done so im after some inspiration
  7. Removing the centre console surround

    Any ideas the part that goes around the climate control and headunit etc. Pics would be better if possible, need to remove it so i can get it skinned :)
  8. 1997 toledo center console lights have gone off

    Hi there all, I have a 1997 Toledo (not sure what mark that would make this). Anywho my problem is that the center console lights (the heater ones) have gone off, never to come back again, could this be a fuse problem? if so which one? I checked the fuse box for broked fuses but with no...
  9. Centre console armrest

    I am thinking of purchasing a centre console armrest for my SC Coupe . Does anyone have any experience of fitting it themselves as I would attempt it if not too difficult.My local dealer wants to charge £70 to install. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  10. Dash Board Mod - center console

    Have seen a few cars with the center console painted gloss black and was looking for some advice/tips on how to do it? Mk2 08 cupra How do you remove all the parts etc? Any help/pics appreciated Cheers
  11. Removing Plastic console by handbrake

    I was trying to remove the plastic console by handbrake and gearstick and after taking the 2 screws in the cup holder and the 2 under the gearstick the console altho loose did not come free. I did not like to force it so just wondering how it should be removed??? Thanks
  12. ather`s

    centre console gauges

    hi, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all;) a while ago someone on here put up a thread regarding centre console gauge pod for a mk3, it was saying how much and quoted part number/numbers. is it just 1 piece or are there more parts needed please? ive looked for this thread but carnt find it. all i can find...
  13. Just changed the console bush.....

    :cry: Worst job I have ever done on a car lol Only changed it for a replacement voided bush for comfort but decided to take the console off to do the job. Then the bush wouldn't fit in but eventually after some work with a heat gun I got it to go in and managed to hammer it home but god...
  14. MonkeyTibs

    Seat Leon FR - Rattle in centre console

    Hi all, On Thursday I bought an FR to replace my 1.4 VW Polo (:happy:) and although I can't drive it until the 31st of December (unless I want to pay an extra £900 insurance as I am 21 on New Years Eve and insurance becomes considerably cheaper) there is something I want to sort out. As I...
  15. Screen on centre console

    Does anyone know if there is a car that has exactly the same screen in the middle of the centre console as the mk3 ibiza cupra? mine is knackered and i cant find anywhere with one at a reasonable price. i have looked on ebay and there is nothing on there not even on cars at breakers. So just...
  16. Centre console and Wing Mirror..grr

    More than a year since my last post..! Still running my Cupra and still enjoying it. However... two things have occurred in the last few weeks: 1) Some git tried to steal my right-hand wing mirror, realised that it had a wire attached to it and so, after breaking it off the mount, left it...
  17. Centre Console

    Hi all Decided that the tired, scratched centre console had to go or have something done to it. So I bought a spare from the dealers (£11) but gave the old one a bit of a spruce up. I will be fitting it tomorrow. Here are a couple of pics, let me know what you think: Mike
  18. a new centre console

    Hi guys i was wondering if you could help me?? I have a 2006 mk2 leon FR diesel and to be honest the centre console area around the stereo looks somewhat bland and naff. id like to change it to either a silver brushed aluminum look like they have in the cupra or would like a carbon...
  19. Center console

    Does the center console/Radio come out easy? I want to see if it has a Aux port for connecting my MP3 player.. is is there an easier way to do it? Thanks, Richie!
  20. midgetgem

    cupra centre console paint code

    Anybody know the paint code for the centre console on my cupra, changing my head unit and want to paint the filler adapter. Cheers
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