1. ando

    V5 registration issue date not right on car im looking at buying...

    Hi guys, Im currently looking for a new seat diesel, i had one checked out at and it came back saying the V5 registration issue date was different to the DVLA record. Is this something to really worry about? Everything else is ok, like chassis matches the VRM, the V5 serial is not...
  2. How long before build date

    few weeks ago ordered myself a new ibiza 1.6 tdi with climate, bluetooth and in galia blue. Was told around 3-4 months so just wondering roughly when am i likely to receive a build date?
  3. n_d_fox

    FL FR Delivery Date confirmed

    Got an email from the lease company this afternoon, delivery is the 22nd Jan (next Friday), so 7 days and counting ! Cant wait :funk: I'm in a 1.6td Pug 308 hire car until it arrives :( better than walking though eh !
  4. Fl@pper

    Date's announced for BTCC 2010

    1, Sun 4 April, Thruxton, Hampshire 2, Sun 25 April, Rockingham, Northamptonshire 3, Sun 2 May, Brands Hatch (Grand Prix), Kent 4, Sun 6 June, Oulton Park (Island), Cheshire 5, Sun 20 June, Croft, North Yorkshire 6, Sun 8 August, Snetterton, Norfolk 7, Sun 22 August...
  5. flegz16

    Is the date of 1st Registration when my warranty will end?

    :Is the date of 1st Registration when my warranty will end? :confused:
  6. Any news on 09 revamped launch date and prices?

    Have I missed anything, or is there a release date and prices yet?
  7. stu38

    Cupra release date

    :( Hi everyone just been told by my dealer that the Ibiza cupra has now been put back from april to september, has anyone else herd this?:cry:
  8. r8byb

    Some upto date picture's of the Cupra *pics*

    Hey guys, didnt know whether to start a new thread but i hate sifting through threads for pictures so thought i'd start a new one :) Also shows all the pillars and roof lining trimmed in black etc :thumbs: Removed the german plates also and think it looks much better :)...
  9. 1.2 Timing Chain - Revision Date?

    Hi all, Following an earlier post about the 1.2 model, which resulted in extremely positive opinions....I am still slightly worries about the timing chain situation. We are literally just on the verge of going out and finding us a used 1.2 SX, but i really wanna find out what date the...
  10. shantybeater

    Changing the date on the onboard computer

    Hi people, Getting a little annoyed now as i cant seem to find any way of changing the date on the onboard computer, is it because i have an aftermarket headunit below it & there were controls there to change it??? I've tried looking in the manual etc..:(
  11. hundleton1

    Build Date

    Hi guys how can I tell when my car was built?
  12. Moley RUFC

    Delivery date at last!!!!

    :clap: At last my FRtdi comes on the 10th!! In Emocion Red with 18'', Bluetooth, chrome mirrors, chrome tail trim, interior alu trim and some philips blue vision bulbs that i shall fit asap. I have also 2 extra FR badges to replace the tdi ones by the indicators. Can't wait!
  13. up to date pics with digi camera

    decided to use my digital camera instead of my phone and get what i hope are some good quality pics up of my car, most seem to have been erased so these are some of the 100 pics i took! the rest are here
  14. Remap date stamp

    Maybe a strange question, however once an ECU is remapped does the date it was completed add itself to the ECU code somewhere/get logged?
  15. Leon Cupra UK Launch Date

    Sorry if this question has already been asked, but in the next couple of weeks I will be ordering the Leon FR TFSI as my new company car, but I see that the Cupra version is due to be released soon, does anyone know a date yet as I may hold off on ordering the FR, just in case I get a chance of...
  16. Unofficial launch date for the new Leon Cupra

    According to a dutch dealership I got in contact with, the Cupra will be available in the UK in September this year, before any other country.:D
  17. CupraTgirl

    Newsflash! *Golf+ Magazine with SCN RR Day Feature Release Date*

    Its all finalised and secured! The official date for the September issue of Golf+ with the SeatCupra.Net Rolling Road Day Feature is...drum roll please... Friday 4th August 2006 As far as im aware you can buy this from WHSmiths and i also saw it being sold in Halfords the other day too...
  18. j.a.kelly

    Remap date set

    Hey guys, some of u wanted me to let you know ma date for the remap, its gonna be next saturday @ 1pm. (jan 28th?) slightly worried about what ppl have been saying about the cupra bumper and no air flow...that might seriously hamper my performance...and cant justify the price of the FMIC...
  19. Ant FR

    Launch date of FR, reiable info

    Looks like the Leon FR is penciled in for Uk release on the 7th July 2006 It appears to be launched the same day as the Altea 2.0 TFSI FR as well. Info is from the SEAT 2006 event calender in this weeks Auto Express. Also ties in with previous info seen on other sites.
  20. andyb

    Recommendations of dealers - POST HERE (new upto date thread)

    OK, the other one ( ) is a bit out of date as a number of dealers have left SEAT franchise, or standards have changed, some due to new management changes, so, positive feedback only please, post away. Keep it simple (If its a...
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