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  1. alexbradford

    Will this fit

    Will a Lambda sensor from a 1.4 seat leon 03. Fit a ibiza cupra 01 plate I dont want to spend a fortune on a new sensor if this will fit i'll get it from the scrappies?I know there a different part number but i presume it does the exact same job? cheers alex
  2. Fox god

    Alloys, will they fit?

    I've seen some second alloys that i like the look of for my lcr. Only thing the seller doesn't list any measurements apart from they're 18in and they're off a mk4 golf. Apart from possibly needing a spacer to clear the brembo's, am i right in thinking these should bolt straight on?
  3. How do I fit oil gauges??? FR tdi

    Hi guys, Just wondering, how do i fit an oil temp and oil pressure gauge to my car?? I cant work it out lol! I get the basic power supply bit but where do i attach the senders? Any help would be great Thanks xpa :confused:
  4. wes_keo

    will these fit??

    im after a new set of wheels for my car. was thinking about getting some 18" bbs ch's but then came across the porsche 997 turbo wheels. basically what i want to know is if the porshce wheels will poke out the arches to much or scrub etc. not to clued up on working out offset and all this stuff...
  5. Ieuan-J

    can you fit ABS to non

    :think::think:Isit possible to fit ABS to none ABS :think: If so how hard isit ?
  6. simonsen82

    just bought steering wheel fom cupra and i dont know if my air bag will fit

    Hello everybody as in title i just bought steering wheel from seat ibiza cupra 2006 firstly can someone tell me how dose it look like as i havent got a clue hehe (any one has a picture ) secondly can i use my old air bag from my 2003 seat ibiza sport or do i need to buy a new one if yes how much...
  7. motty_90

    Which gearbox will fit??

    im wondering is there are any other gearboxes that will fit a AYP engine. The only code ive got is a EWP. cheers
  8. itfben

    Will an LCR parcel shelf, gear knob and gaiter fit a W reg 1.6s Leon?

    "Will an LCR parcel shelf, gear knob and gaiter fit a w reg 1.6s Leon?" ?
  9. Dougy

    Just about to fit my ForgeTIP...

    Any tips? I have my plasters at the ready Been trying to find a vague guide but can't seem to find one
  10. pdh 14a

    Help please! Will these brakes fit?

    Hi all! just wandering if these 345mm brakes will straight swap onto my Altea 2.0tdi sport?http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=254160 Any help is appreciated,and no poaching please! ;) Cheers.Paul :)
  11. gazcuprablk

    will this lower strut bar fit anyone?

    just wondering if anyone can help me out on this done a bit of research on strut braces and know that the mark 2 lower front brace fits and got myself this strut brace for free as part of a deal on a set of wheels i had...
  12. gezmeister

    About to fit turbo hose kit - quick question

    Obviously i know where the hoses go for the dump valve, n75 and throttle body to ic, but what about the other 2? Pancake pipe Turbo outlet (think this is the 90 degree bend one?) Any help appreciated
  13. Can you fit mk Ibiza fr front calipers and carriers on a mk4 golf?

    A mate of mine wants my Ibiza fr front 288mm discs , brake calipers and carriers of my mk 4 fr . Will they fit on his golf mk 4
  14. 8bit

    Stereo fit on 2005 LCR 225?

    Hi all, Haven't even picked it up yet (roll on tomorrow!) but already thinking as far ahead as swapping out the stereo head unit for something with an iPod connection. Can anyone tell me if the standard unit on the Cupra R 225 is the standard DIN size or will I need a facia and/or cage to...
  15. BXE head fit an ASZ bottom end? Anyone know?

    I've heard it's the new code for the older BKC engine but i'm only interested in the cylinder head and if it'll fit onto an ASZ lump, obviously after changing the injectors over. I know the BKC will fit but i'm not sure if the BXE head is exactly the same as it's a newer code and might have...
  16. quick question, would standard Ibiza Cupra alloys fit over Ibiza Cupra R front cal...

    quick question, would standard Ibiza Cupra alloys fit over Ibiza Cupra R front callipers if i put spacers on? if so what size would i need. thanks!
  17. will 2.0 16v cat fit on 8v?

    i believe ive bought a 16v cat off ebay intead of an 8v despite asking the seller twice if it was an 8v and engine code AGG. :wtf: i noticed it was wrong when the diameter of the pipe to the center pipe was exactly the same diameter as the center pipe ends. im thinking if i get a slightly...
  18. BoomhaueR

    Will this EGT fit?

    Anyone know if this will this fit an LCR? Cheers
  19. Will mk3 arches fit a mk2 ibiza

    Right im wanting the down and out look i have it down but not out im wanting to know will the mk3 arches fit a mk2 is it not just a facelift model to the mk2s much help would be appreciated
  20. alex 80

    will they fit

    i'm hoping to pick up my 05 plate tdi fr in the next couple of days i have been on the hunt for a cupra r front and rear bumper and have come accross some other parts that i want some advice on. is the cupra r rear bumper different to the standard one?? i have come across a 56plate cupra r...
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