1. jacko5

    My Seat Leon SC FR 2014 fog light bulbs ..

    Looking to replace the front fog light bulbs on the above car. I have looked around and seen 2 fitting for the bulbs. H3 and H8 can anyone tell me which bulb i need. Want to get it right first time as they are a pain to do. Looking at these...
  2. Ibiza Fr 2007 Fog lights lamps

    Just had a look in the search bar but was unable to find what I am after. I want to change the lamps in the fog lights but 1, how on earth do I get to them and 2, what size are they? I did have a go at removing plastic but gave up. :cry: Just need to know what size they are so I can...
  3. Btcc front bumper fog lights and front s grill

    Hi guys was just wondering if the front fog lights of a normal cupra will fit on the btcc front bumper, also i need to know if the 's' grill is the same on all mk2 leons cheers
  4. Aero Front Bumper Fog Lights

    Hi everyone. I have a pretty simple question which I hope someone can help me with. I've looked around the forum already but not been able to find the answer. I recently acquired an Aero Front Bumper from a local scrappy from an Ibiza 08 that was written off in a rear end collision. Poor car...
  5. Broken Fog Light

    Hi All, Thanks to the recent bout of rubbish weather and the councils over-zealous gritting it seems I've managed to pick up a crack in my drivers side fog light. Any ideas how easy (or difficult) this is to replace and how much i'm likely to be paying for the part at the stealers...

    How to remove Fog grills?!?!?!?

    Does anyone know how to remove the fog grills? Cheers!! :D
  7. LC with LCR bumper fog lights help

    Got a LC with LCR bumper but it has no fog light just wondering what i would need to get some fog lights in eg, the fogs, wiring loom? thanks
  8. Fog light ducting for intake

    I need some high quality ducting, as I will be removing one of my fog lights, and using it to fee extra cool air to my ITG! Does anyone know where or any links that they sell high quality and durable ducting? Cheers.
  9. LCR aftermarket fog lights

    Just noticed that my fog light glass seems to be cracked. I have heard that oe fog lights are pretty expensive from dealer so anyone knows is there to be found aftermarkets cheaper?
  10. L14M_T

    Fog Lamp Wiring Harness

    i have found this retrofit harness for a 9N polo can anyone confirm that they are the same as the 6L ibiza as ive bought the switch and fitted the foglamps to the bumper. and if anyones wondering if im gonna update the...
  11. FR_POWER

    Price on Fog grills?

    Anyone roughly know how much fog grills are? Fancy getting some to cut and fit proper DRL on.. none of this LED strips....
  12. My fog lights come on occasionally

    I bought a new Leon in December and i noticed my fog lights were on when i saw my car in a shop window however when i got out to look they were off. As i was parked up tonight i noticed it again however they went off after a couple of seconds. They came back on each time i put my car in...
  13. rear fog bulb change

    Can anybody tell me how to remove rear fog lens? 2005 Toledo. Hand book says to insert cross head screwdriver into hole under lens and turn in direction of arrow. Found hole ok but I have been sitting on my ass for the past 20 mins trying to remove what in my opinion is an imaginary screw. I'm I...
  14. Grat

    Xenon fog lights

    Hey all just wondering can you fit the xenon kits in to the fog lights on a lcr and if so what H is the bulb? Many thanks Dave
  15. Gordz

    LED Fog Lights Not Working!

    FINALLY (ebay from china!) my led fog lights arrived and was just fitting them but they don't seem to be working :confused: Do the LED H3 bulbs need to be wired differently than normal bulbs? :shrug:
  16. Fog light trouble

    Hi all, Im just after a bit of advise please about my fogs I noticed water/condensation in one of them a few months ago. I was hoping it would dry itself out but it hasn’t I suppose the weather hasn’t help really, so was wondering how am I best sorting it out and do you rec it will be physically...
  17. 2009 Seat Leon front fog light lamps

    does anyone know what lamps I need for my front fog lights. The 2009 model fog light lamp is different from the 2006 model as I ordered H3's but they don't fit.
  18. Removing Pre facelift fog light?

    How do you remove the plastic surround on the fog light for a prefacelift bumper? I see there is a star shaped screw, but this appears to be what holds the fog light in does the plastic casing just pop out?
  19. Fog Light Issue!

    Hey guys, I noticed a few months back that my passenger fog light was out. (I don't use fog lights, I was showing someone how "little" they light up the road). Anyway, ordered some bulbs and decided to change them today with LEDs bulbs. Removed dead light, put in new LED bulb, nothing! So...
  20. Changing Fog Light Bulbs

    Hi, Is it possible to get to the fog light bulbs on a Cupra/Bocanegra by removing the single screw and the black plastic trim panel by the side of them?:think:
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