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  1. chris2401

    Carbon fibre look cenre console n glovebox handle? Where can I get one?

    Hi Guys. I have seen this LCR for sale and and it's got a Carbon 3MDOC centre console and glovebox handle. I really like the look of it, but can't seem to find where you would purchase one from? I just wondered if anyone else had this in their LCR or if they know where would sell them...
  2. dav150n

    HELP (door handle)

    just had car in body shop getting dent's removed:), when i got car back i was informed my door mechanism was broke:( (which wasn't before). the grub screw which keeps the door lock in is tightening up but the barrel just pulls out! when iv'e had a look i've found a white bit of plastic which...
  3. Ant FR

    How much track action can a Cupra Tdi handle

    Ok, I;ve done 2 ring visits since buying the Ibiza back in Novemeber, The cupra was bought really to give me some cheap running ( which compared tot he mini its rediculously low running costs) but also so that when i do cruise over to the ring i can do som cheaply ( as i do about 10 visits a...
  4. Loose interior door handle.

    Hello. :) I've tried searching the forums but I've had no luck. Anyway, recently I had an electronics specialist replace the microswitch in my driver's side door which caused locking problems, no interior light, car locking itself after 20 seconds even if driver's door is open, etc...
  5. envycordoba

    door handle removal help

    morning guys i've been told i can take my drivers door handle out by putting the key in lock turning it and sliding whole handle forward and pulling at an angle is this right???
  6. jordyboy004

    Door Handle In My Hand!?

    went to the car this morn to give mum a lift to work. when i dropped her off saw some friends who could do with a lift home. got out and opened the drivers side rear door and was frozen shut so me being me gave it a yank and then the handle came off in my hands. looks like some parts have been...
  7. Glovebox handle stuck

    The handle on the glovebox doesn't move - it is as if it is locked but I know its definately locked. I have been able to open the glovebox by just pulling it really hard (my debit card was in there!!!!) Anyone got anything I can do to fix it? Thanks
  8. Boot handle!

    When I open the boot as normal the handle should spring back itself but for some reason it doesnt do that leaving it partly open but i can still shut the boot as normal and still have the handle stuck out? I thought it might be the spring not working correctly! Anyone else have any other...
  9. Aimez

    Driver door handle not opening from inside

    Done a search and nothing came up, felt a bit funny yesterday now it does not open at all so have to keep putting the window down to get out and the windows are getting frozen shut! Anyone had this before I start taking the door card apart and getting confused?!
  10. How to remove bonnet release handle?

    Hi all, I am currently trying to put wires through into my doors for my speaker and have done the passenger side no problem but cant get the bonnet release off, any ideas? Many thanks ad
  11. Glove Box Handle

    after being loose for a long time, the glove box handle has broken off the front of the glove compartment - anyone know how i can fix it / where i can get replacement bits (preferabley without chaning the locks!)? all contributions gladly received, many thanks.
  12. Boot release handle thing

    Afternoon... again my neighbour has asked me (must get him to register himself!!!) about his Mk2 Leon. His manual release on the boot (the seat symbol) doesn't gently sweep back into position (like mine on my Mk1) but you have to push it back in. Anyone else had this? Did it solve with WD...
  13. boot handle badge

    like an idiot ive broken the badge on the boot of my ibiza the badge that opens the boot not the handle just the badge. is there a way to get this off? ive tryd searching but cant find anything
  14. CGD217

    Drivers Door Handle

    Been searching for a while now but can't find an answer about the exterior door handle. When i unlock my 3Dr, it takes at least two pulls to unlock the drivers door with the handle. Does anyone know what the problem may be? I think it does the same when i'm trying to get out of the car? Many...
  15. cupra-rich

    what do i need to change to make my car handle?

    drove a mates lcr and it felt so planted compared to my cupra diesel, so what do i need to change to make mine feel & handle like an lcr? only handling mods i have done so far is rear 22mm arb, cheers rich
  16. Martyn1989

    Sourcing an interior door handle?

    Basically, I melted the passenger side interior door handle and surrounds (the plastic pieces which surround the electric window switch and mirror adjuster knob) with paint stripper. Does anyone know where I can source parts like this? I read about some scrap dealers websites were you tell...
  17. Punch IT!

    Glove box handle SNAPPED off!!!

    Hi guys for some strange reason went to open my glove box this evening and the thing would not open??? My Clever friend tried and put in too much force and pulled the whole handle off and i think it has snapped off and now it definately wont open..:cry: Does anyone know if i have to change...
  18. hows the Fr/Cupra handle?

    How does the mk4 ibiza handle in comparison to its rivals? Especially vts/cliosports. I cannot make my mind up what to get, i want a super/turbocharged hatch so i can tune it when i get bored for more power, but i also want something that i can throw into corners and it loves it, i had a saxo...
  19. interior door handle has broken - SOS!

    Hey, My name is Liran and i`m really hopeless :blink: I have seat Ibiza (signo) 2000, and my interior door handle has broken, in my country one door handle cost 180$, can you belive it? I cant :( I have serched on ebay and some other webs for this part, but i didn`t find nothing. If you...
  20. CraigW

    Door handle.

    Ive had a such but cant find anything regarding my problem. My door handle (drivers) is weird. :confused:. Some mornings I can go out and unlock the car. I pull the handle fully out to open the door but it doesnt open. I put the handle back into position and pull it out again and the door...
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