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  1. Parrot CK3100 Newby fitting instructions please.

    Hi all, Can one of you please let me know what wires i need to join split and feed too. I am a newby to this and just got a parrot CK3100 but i dont understand what wires i need to swap or join to the fuese box as i have been told i need a feed from the "switched live" feed from the fuse...
  2. Instructions?

    OK, this might sound like the daftest post ever, but here goes anyway :whistle: I pick up my new Ibiza in a day or 2, sat by the latest i hope. I keep reading about things it can do, like the trip computer, the way the door locking works etc etc. but is there any where you can download...
  3. Stu B

    Instructions required..

    Okay - I need to check the drivers door window switch - dirty connection.. How do I get to it... Door card removal (Fully)???? Which I guess I have to go from bottom upwards - thats where I see some clips... Advice please...
  4. Cruise control fitting instructions

    Hello all :help: Second post here. I've just received a retrofit cruise control kit from Kufatec this week, but unfortunately they haven't made any manual for the Seat Ibiza Mk4 yet. Therefore I hope that some of you wise guys can help me out, I fitted one of their kits to a Audi A6 some...
  5. Climate Control Instructions...

    Hi all, First post - so please be gentle! I have just bought a lovely '03 Cupra, and unfortunately it doesnt have the user manual with it. It does have the service book, fully stamped etc, but obviously this is not helping. There are two areas primarily I am looking for a little help in...
  6. richellis

    arm rest instructions

    Has any one got some instructions on fitting the leon arm rest. Got the Seat kit but no instructions. if some one could scan or take a pic of the sheet that would be ace!:whistle:
  7. Fitting Instructions for an uprated Dog Bone Mount

    Hello. I have a new Power Flex done bone mount kit for my Leon FR TDI 150. I am planning to fir tomorrow. I am just wondering if anyone has any decent fitting instructions that they can give to me. Locations, Torques etc. Thanks very much.
  8. Instructions / pics needed for cleaning manifold

    i want to clean out the manifold and saw complete instructions on how to do this, but have lost them. can anyone find them or have them thanks
  9. jackster150

    new hids but no instructions hmmmm

    probably on here somewhere is photos or instruction setup for wiring up the hids, looked in box today first time no install manual, need guidance asap prefer fotos if can thanks a lot .
  10. Headlight change instructions..???

    Hi there, i own a Leon FR, A MONSTEROUS bit of road kill hit my passenger side light and smashed the indicator, i came away lucky it didn't crease my bonnet!! i too have decided to change to a pair of angel halo eyes, thus meaning a big job it seems with the bumper and battery stand... I've...
  11. Glassy80

    Green Dynatwist Instructions + VAG Com

    Morning people, I have been sent a Green Dynatwist induction kit, and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get hold of the fitting instructions for it? I've fitted a normal kit plenty of times, but this looks a bit more complicated and has a 2nd small filter and im not sure where it...
  12. craigomills

    LCR Wing Mirror removal instructions

    Could this be added to a sticky somewhere? LCR Teardrop folding wing mirror removal Did mine yesterday, it took literally 15 minutes. Step 1: Remove 2 screws from the bottom of the door card. Step 2: Separate the door handle ( its in two halves which just unclick) Step 3: Undo the...
  13. F2 Ed

    K&N Servicing Instructions + Photos

    1. Tap the filter to dislodge any large embedded dirt, then gently brush with a soft bristled brush. 2. Spray the filter with K&N cleaning fluid and leave on for 10 minutes 3. Rinse off the cleaning fluid with low pressure water, going from the inside out. 4. Shake off excess...
  14. Boot Light and Glovebox Light Parts list and vague instructions...

    These bits may come in handy... Bits for the glovebox light: 3B0 947 415 B Glovebox Lamp [email protected] 1J0 947 561 C Switch [email protected] 893 971 632 Housing [email protected] 1J0 973 119 Housing [email protected] 000 979 133 Cable [email protected] 000 979 131 Cable [email protected] Bits for the...
  15. Forge FMI Installation instructions

    Does anyone have a step by step guide on how to fit the above or even better would anyone be able to scan/photo the instructions that came with it and post them here or pm them me? Many thanks people :)
  16. craigomills

    LCR Mirror instructions

    I have managed to find a wing mirror for my LCR, but I am now after some guidance on how to remove the old one and fit the new one. Any help appreciated!
  17. Craig!

    Brief Oil Pressure Gauge & Voltmeter Installation Instructions

    I thought some of you may find these few pictures of some use, I know I would have when installing my gauges! Let’s start with the main factor, choosing your gauge style and where to mount it, in my case I went for some 52mm gauges that will fit in the Cupra R centre console gauges...
  18. BigJohn

    LCR Cruise Control Instructions?

    Hi, Looking for detailed (illustrated) instructions on how to fit the VAG cruise control to a LCR. I've seen Chris Cholmeley's detailed VW instructions and wondered if anyone has detailed the different (?) method. I've seen some shots somewhere on how to get access to the fuse box and dash...
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