1. Cupra 1.8 20VT 180BHP - Same Internals as the LCR Engines?

    Hello, i sold my LCR coming up a year now and i am wanting to get back into a leon so was just wondering if the "Cupra 180 Engine has the same internals as the Cupra R's 210 & 225 engines?" My thoughts at the moment are to Buy a cupra 180 and in Time get: K04 Turbo Forge 007P Jetex Cone...
  2. m0sch

    standard cupra internals ? and what boost ?

    what are the standard rods etc in the cupra engines good for being needing uprating ?? and what sort if boost is the limit you would run as im gonna get mine mapped as running standard boost etc but iv only known fords before this and my fords rods were good for about 280 ish bhp standard and...
  3. Yosh

    BBU 1.8T 20vt CUPRA Internals

    Anyone know the max torque (nm) these internals would take? Are the wrist pins 19mm? Lastly, any internals forged?
  4. paul-murphys

    changing engine internals help

    i have brougt a engine with bottom end knock so wanting to referb the whole engine before i fit to my car, was thinking of changing following parts so only have to split engine once, forged rods performance valve set performance valve spring set APR head bolt kit got a friend who...
  5. what bhp arethe internals are good for?

    hi all i have a 2003 lcr 265 bhp just wondering what bhp the internals are good for looking to get it up to 300 mark with full exhaust intercooler and stage 2 remap, any thoughs welcome, cheers jada:)
  6. ........................

  7. leon turbo internals

    Hi guys can any body tell me what the stock internals on my 2001 1.8t leon can handle (bhp) without uprating to forged parts. i was speaking to a chap who told me they can go up to nearly 400bhp on stock internals, i find this very hard to believe this. thanks David
  8. deedaskrh

    Leon Cupra R internals

    Hi just wondering if anyone could tell me the maximum amount of power the stock engine internals the Leon Cupra R can Take? cheers ste
  9. warren_cox

    REVIEW: (KMD High pressure fuel pump internals) + (Revo Stage 2+) = Grinning idiot

    After fannying about for ages I finally made the round trip to Chesterfield where Nino at JBS Auto's had sourced me some KMD fuel pump internals. I'd given up hope of seeing any Autotech internals, so resigned myself to testing out KMD's offering. I'd never been to JBS before despite seeing them...
  10. rikwheeler

    Pics of polished/powder coated internals

    Hey guys. Wanting to tidy up the engine bay and wanting some ideas. I have a black LCR and have also changed most of the hoses to red forge hoses but now wanting to change the inlet manifold, rocker cover and charge pipe. Have been having a look and see a lot of people have polished their...
  11. standard internals limit

    Hi all, im new to this forum so please be patient with me. finally got myself a MK3 cupra and have big plans for it. However does anybody know the kinda power limit before having to forge the engine? iv heard around 350bhp but would like to hear this off a few more people.? Any help would be...
  12. Cupra20

    Internals for Big turbo

    i'm hopefully going to be going big turbo soon and haven't really got a clue what i'll need for the internals of the engine, I'm hopefully going to be running gt28rs and would like to see 300-350 bhp, for this i can assume i'll need pistons, rods, valves, headbolts but i'm not sure what else...
  13. The MoffMeister


    Hi all after having my turbo work done now im looking at getting the insides done next year so i can crank it up full whack. Now firstly what would be the entire parts list needed? I have the exhaust and inlet valves and some rods, so i presume its just pistons or is there more and any...
  14. K03s Internals

    Hi all, Are you able to get the internals of the Ko03s turbos changed so that it is able to run more boost? or would you just get a different turbo? is which ones?? Kind regards, Alex
  15. myk3

    My internals and other parts arrived with pics

    My internals and other parts - Now in Work Shop! ;) I ordered from America: 83mm JE pistons (around 1.9ltr) Scat 144 Rods with 20mm WP A set of 20 Supertech valves, exhause valves are inconel and the intake are stainless steal nitrided coated. Pelequin Diff with bolt kit Spec stage 2...
  16. New 240PS cupra has uprated internals, chips on std motor run this and more

    Most of the chips for TFSI powerplant put out at least 240PS. Why then, when the manufacturer does it as in the new Cupra, do they need to uprate the conrods, pistons, head etc. Makes me very worried about getting a standard motor chipped as surely this would suggest it can't take the...
  17. traumapat

    engine internals

    ello all ive heard loads of times that different rated internals were fitted to leons throughout there manufacture... is there anyway of finding out the internal specs of my cars engine?
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