1. Syphon

    First official video of the new 2020 CUPRA Leon

    Syphon submitted a new article First official video of the new 2020 CUPRA Leon Continue reading the full article
  2. Inconsistent boost at high rpm!! 2.0tfsi

    Hi all recently I have been experiencing weird boost issues. so I haven’t long had my stage 1 map on my 2.0tfsi Leon now 250 bhp everything was fine for a few weeks but now at mid rpm I can hear a hissing as if it was a boost leak then if I floor it it will progressively fade away and get the...
  3. Syphon

    Here is the new 2020 CUPRA Leon with up to 310HP

    Syphon submitted a new article Here is the new 2020 CUPRA Leon with up to 310HP Continue reading the full article
  4. Thick white smoke after decat 1.8t 20v

    I installed a 3” downpipe + decat yesterday and all was fine except I couldn’t get my lambda & 02 sensor out of the old cat. Now the car is chucking out really thick white smoke and a lot of it at idle and in 1st gear but then seems to clear after getting higher up in the gears. I’m hoping it’s...
  5. Ninohaiwan

    Boost cut issue cupra 280

    Hi. I am having some issues with my Cupra 280/DSG. The car is stage 1 tuned and has a dsg tune. I took it to the tuner and they found that it cuts boost right before it hits the revlimiter and after the upshift from 1.5bar to 0.8bar and comes back again after about 1-2 seconds the tuner...
  6. Alhambra navi system in Leon 1m

    Hi! Is the navisystem from an Alhambra (7M7035191A) compatilible with Leon / Toledo 1M?
  7. Land Rover mondials?

    Do land rover mondials fit the mk1s? If not what adapters will I need, thanks for any advice I’m a newbie, 15 and I just bought a 1.6 16v 2004 Leon for my first car so I have plenty of time to do it up
  8. coiloverspl

    KW Variant 3 MQB 55mm strut

    Hi. For sale KW V3 INOX for MQB platform. These are from 2019 They are in excellent condition. Fully working of course. Price: 1350 Euro EU Shipping possible PayPal payment possible. I give invoice.
  9. SD card for Navigation

    Hi, sorry if this question has already been asked! Can't seem to find an answer. I've recently bought a 2013 Leon SC FR, from a private seller. Unfortunately this hasn't come with the SD card needed for navigation and I've only just noticed. The seller says they no longer have this, and didn't...
  10. GMAN79

    Double din lower console for sale

    Hi all Not sure if this is the right place for this thread. I have a like new double din lower centre console for sale for Seat Leon. Perfect for those of you that have changed the dashboard centre console for the double din version and lost your ashtray. As already stated, its like new. I...
  11. JackB

    Mk3 Facelift Leon Cupra 19x8 OEM Wheels - 5F0601025AC

    EDIT: These are no longer for sale as a set of 4, selling as singles - reach out if you need one.
  12. Syphon

    Who's ordered a new MK4 SEAT Leon?

    Let us know what you've ordered in the poll (please not the poll is not viewable in Tapatalk)
  13. Syphon

    New SEAT Leon (2020) full details and video

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  14. Bens leon cupra auq build !

    Hi guys, after alot of deciding what i wanted next after my mk2 golf back in september i decided on a leon cupra 1.8t (mainly because i missed having a nippy little car after selling my clio 182rs) so went and bought this black cupra, had a couple things already done to it which were cupra r...
  15. 2012 leon fr handbrake issue!

    Hi all! I've recently replaced a OSR calliper on my leon for being siezed. I replaced the rear discs and pads also! However since I noticed the handbrake did not feel great and had a bit too much travel. Seems to be binding (working harder) on the OSR. I checked the adjustment mechanism to...
  16. Window issue again!!

    Hi fellow friends,I have a 2010 seat leon my n/s/r window doesn’t go down from the main master switch on drivers door also goes down not all the time when I start it up So far have had wiring tested new window regulator and drivers side 4 way control switch Window will work from n/s/r window...
  17. Syphon

    Further image of the new SEAT Leon teased before January reveal

    Syphon submitted a new article Further image of the new SEAT Leon teased before January reveal Continue reading the full article
  18. iammooks

    Boot Locking Mechanism Headaches

    The only thread with really useful information on this is archived, so I can't post there, but I'm having a real pain with fixing my boot release. Trim is off and I've done the usual of lubing the mechanism. I thought this had worked, but all I'd actually done was fix the problem temporarily by...
  19. New discs fitted now brake judder

    Hello all, fitted some new discs n pads to my cupra 280 about 2k ago. All fine at first but now getting some slight pulses through pedal at low speed. Have tried to rebed in the pads but no change. Have fitted a few disc n pads in my time and was very careful so a bit perplexed. Feel it...
  20. Weird Engine Revving

    Hi All, have had my Cupra for just under a year now. Haven’t been hugely active on here but I am hoping someone can shed some light on a weird issue that has just started to happen. Under heavy acceleration in 4th/5th or 6th gear the revs start to increase then at about 3k they jump up a few...
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