1. Mk3 leon 1.8 DSG vs Manual

    Im in the market to get a 1.8 leon but im unsure on which gearbox to get/stay away from. Which can hold more power/torque and how are the clutches in each one?
  2. Manual Cupra 300 clutch issues

    Has any one had any issues with their clutch on a manual cupra? I’ve seen a few other threads on here but they were all for DSG’s. Got in the car this morning and it felt like I was driving a different car, the bite point is completely different, the pedal feels a lot lighter and can some times...
  3. Torque specs for mk2 facelift?

    Does anyone know where I can find torque specs for my Ibiza mk2 facelift? Specifically, I need specs on the cv bolt and the steering rod bolt. Haynes manuals do not cover the facelift mk2 and I haven't been able to find any other source
  4. Wanting to swap cupra 290 DSG for a manual??

    Hi guys, Probably a long shot but I’ve just bought a 2017(66) cupra 290 DSG. Had it about a month now and the gearbox is brilliant but I just miss a manual. Would anyone be interested in doing a deal of some sort for another 290 but manual gearbox? Must have: Bucket seats Black pack (prefer...
  5. Cupra 300 DSG vs Manual?

    Hiya, This may have been posted many times but would like answers on the 300 Cupra Leon, put an order in for the DSG but the wait time is over 24 weeks. Found stock cars but they are all manual. How much worse is the Manual gearbox to DSG? Could anybody shine some light on if its a downgrade...
  6. manual to electric rear windows

    anyone know roughly what parts i need and what needs to be done to convert my rear windows from manual to electric thanx
  7. DSG v Manual

    I loved the DSG when I test drove a Cupra a few weeks back. But I don't know if Im ready to make that swap. I do a fair bit of town driving and it does wind me up keep having to dip the clutch and swap between 1st and 2nd gear, so DSG from that point would be ace. The paddles are great but I...
  8. Help Source Electronic Copy AUQ 1.8 20V T Manual

    Hi all, I am looking for help in sourcing a workshop manual for the following unit AUQ 1.8 20V T If it was something like a Haynes manual with multiple units , that would be perfect too. I thought that this would be the best spot to look for one Any help is very appreciated...
  9. 2007 cupra user manual

    Hey guys, Ive bought a 2007 cupra, but Im looking for a user manual. I tried google but without succes. Anyone know where I can find this? A pdf would do for know. Thx.!
  10. Ibiza 5dr Sport - User Manual

    Hey people, I was wondering if anyone has a .pdf version of the user manual that I could get my hands on. I won't be receiving the car till May, but I like to know how everything works, and hopefully it will help me contain my excitement. :D
  11. rod the sod

    Manual Fan switch

    Hey, i am having trouble with my fans! i am just wondering if it is possible to over ride the ecu and put a switch on the dash to manually put it on! has anyone done it on the Mk4 pd130? cheers
  12. R reg toledo, which manual.

    Hi Guys, can anyone tell me which haynes manual is closet to the 97 toledo. Many Thanks Darren.:help:
  13. demonear

    Benefits/downsides of DSG vs Manual? (FL CR FR)

    One thing in particular i was wondering if anyone knows how much more it costs for Road tax? as the dsg as higher emmisions that the manual TDI CR does.. Also does it more prone to higher costs if they can go wrong etc. Is it a bit of a an expensive novelty that can remove a lot of...
  14. Cupra R 2010 owners's manual

    anyone got a pdf of the owner's manual in english ? the one i got in my car is in spanish! thanks
  15. Best Haynes Manual???

    I have a 1.8 20v AUTO Toledo would the VW passat Haynes manual suffice for this model of car or is there too many differences? Alternatively is there another model of Haynes which would be better?
  16. FR TDI DSG or Manual

    Hey, I am buying a FR TDI but i am unsure about one thing. To get a DSG or Manual. Any problems with either? Also does anyone regret getting one? Currently driving a Golf Slomotion so i know its gonna be different......mainly the mpg!! Chris
  17. Will electric seats fit in my manual seated cupra

    Hiya I have a 2001 leon cupra looking into putting cupra r seats in with electric adjust not heated ones, are the wires there to connect these up? also what are seats like to fit as mine have airbags in so wondering what they are like to remove and fit cheers si
  18. Cordoba mk1 user manual

    Hi all, Can any1 help me find a pdf user manual for seat cordoba in english, since I have bought this car 5 years ago and it came from France, and the user manual was in French and I have no clue what it says. Now I am in need to know leyout of fuses. Thnx in advance by the way
  19. armrest in a manual?

    Guys I've been thinking about retrofitting the centre arm rest only there is one thing worrying me. Does it get in the way when shifting gears?
  20. gregorcupra

    Fitting a manual boost controller ?

    Hi there, Just got my forge mbc this morning and I'd like to know the best way of fitting it as they give no instructions ? Do I remove the pipework from the n75 or do I use it in conjunction with the boost controller ? What pipes do I plumb each part of the controller in to ? Thanks...
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