1. Advice please on engine fault

    This is the state of my dash at the moment :( 2L Diesel. Noticed a rattle/knocking noise from exhaust area when starting car at the weekend (from cold). I opted not to drive it since then. So I went to get more info just now and current state: - engine turns over and starts ok - first time...
  2. 1.2 TSI Ibiza - P334B P334C - turbo issues

    Hi, Seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI. My car recently started entering limp mode randomly with both the EPC light and Engine Management Light appearing, went to my local garage to get it checked out and got the following code back : P334B00 - Boost Pressure Actuator - mechanical fault So, after having a...
  3. Car warms up, trouble starts, please help!! Too many issues

    Seat leon 2009 1.6L 5 speed manual I am a newbie when it comes to seat cars, I bought the car last week which seemed fine to me at first, then I noticed that when I drive for like half an hour and the car is properly warmed up, the idling gets rough, engine starts shaking and the rpm goes up...
  4. Dsg shifting causes relay click

    The title says it all really. When the DSG is shifting gears I can hear a distinct relay clicking sound from the instrument cluster. Is this common? Known issue? Anything to worry about? 2011 Ibiza 1.2 TSI Sport
  5. Cowie

    N249 mechanical malfunction

    After putting new forge TIP in on friday have been getting a fault code thrown up - N249 mechanical malfunction,thing is I've done the bypass so any ideas what it could be:shrug:
  6. Mechanical sound after cold start

    Hi, i have noticed a problem in my new ibiza 09 Sc 1.6 petrol manual. after a cold start/ after engine was turned off for a long time, when i put in the first gear and drive a few meters (till engine hit 2/2.5 RPM, 18-20 kph) i hear a short mechanical sound, it appears to come from the...
  7. mechanical diff on Cupra

    Hi all, anyone fitted Quaife (or some other) diff to MK2 Cupra (or any other MK2 Leon)?
  8. Dave_R

    Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge

    Got hold of an oil pressure gauge for free! :) But what fitments do I need and where can I tap it off from?
  9. MK8

    Wear & Tear or Mechanical - PAS

    My power steering seems to be misfunctioning recently, and I think it needs a new steering pump. I've got warranty on the car (not manufacturers), but within the first 3 months, any wear and tear claim is not covered. I was just wondering if you guess that this would be classed as W&T...
  10. sargey

    N249 mechanical malfunction ?!?

    Aparantly according to my VAG-COM my N249 has a mechanical malfunction!! Can anyone shed anylight on what to do with this? I did have a N249 bypass but i put it back to normal just now to see if that was the problem but aparantly not. So: 1) where is the N249 2) what could have caused...
  11. Mechanical difference between 90hp and 110hp '02 Toledo TDi ?

    Hi all, I have a 90hp Toledo TDi (2002 model year), I'm just wondering what is the real mechanical difference between it and the higher powered (110hp) model ? In other words (ignoring trim and extras), what would I have to do to 'create' a 110hp version from it ? Is it just a matter of...
  12. Mechanical Belt!

    I bought a grey LC from scotland a few weeks back. Its a 52 plate, 48500 miles on the clock. The chap i bought the car off was pretty sure that the car had a mechanical belt! but im not too sure?? do cupras come with mechanical belts? If they do! how can i find out if it has got a mechanical...
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