1. mc funbot

    Engine bay N249 Bypass - A complete guide

    hey guys and gals after having a slight debate over the way to do an n249 bypass this is how i would do it,i like to know your views on it.i see alot of people only doing half a job.a random guy with a 1.8t leon agreed to let me do this.it had a cat back exhaust an a air filter.this took me 25...
  2. N249 bypass!has anyone done it and live near honiton/exeter?

    as above has anyone in the exeter area (i live in honiton) done the bypass for the N249 valve cos i want mine done but don't really know what im doing and don't wanna bugger it up :( could anyone help me do it?:) sam
  3. mat_106

    lost boost after metling and braking a n112 !!

    right as you may have read my other threads im still stuck and getting really annoyed with it now. other day i was driving about giving it some and after that i had hardly any boost, looked under the bonnet and the n112 thingy bob had the connection melted of it from were i had done my n249...
  4. cupra-gaz

    done n249 bypass now judder, flutter?

    evening all, ok so i done the n249 bypass at the weekend following some threads and pics i found and im pretty sure its done right. though now when driving i get a slight judder after changing gear and earlier when goin up a hill in a low gear and changing the dv fluttered like my hks ssqv used...
  5. aterro

    N249 bypass problem

    i used trucidos guide on vag owners i started it up ran fine. no eml light then after the 5 time started up and it came on? its running fine but the light is on. there was 2 valves which one i unplugged and left it unplugged. what am i suppose to do with this one? this is the only...
  6. Cowie

    N249 mechanical malfunction

    After putting new forge TIP in on friday have been getting a fault code thrown up - N249 mechanical malfunction,thing is I've done the bypass so any ideas what it could be:shrug:
  7. james walker

    n249 pipework and crap running issues

    fellas... looking into a strange hissing i have, now when i went from bypass back to oem, i had to fabricate the pipework a bit due to losing the oem stuff. the pipe that comes from the dv nipple top.... what size is this, as the metal hard pipe it adjoins to under the dv is a larger...
  8. JB!

    N249 Bypass, Long-term issues?

    lol, just done the N249 bypass, and i text my mechanic to say i'd solved the boost issues by doing it, and he said i'd run lean and melt a piston??? anyone had theirs bypassed for long? what long-term issues has it caused? is he talking out his arse? *edited coz i got the wrong "n" number...
  9. bypassing the N249

    what is the benifits of doing this
  10. Mashburn

    N249 valve fault and fluttering noise!

    Hi guys Im getting fault code 17608 which after a few searches tells me it relates to the N249 valve. Can this be fixed without doing a bypass? If so how? And ive also got a 'fluttering'/'chattering' sound when i let off the throttle. I take it this is related to the fault code? Also it...
  11. cuprakris

    n249 bypass HELP!!

    hi all, im struggling to find a idiots guide on how to the n249 bypass on a leon cupra. if anyone could post any pictures or a detailed idiots guide it would be a great help thanks
  12. seanaldo1987

    N249 bypass?

    what exactly is required to do this and is it a hard job 2 do? and what benefits are to be had doing it? cheers
  13. blackturbo

    Difference between N75 and N249

    Firstly please excuse my ignorance on this subject :blink: Vagcom'd my car today as the engine management light had come on and got two fault codes. One being to check the DV (which I already knew had split and a 007p is on order. Second one was a N249 mechanical malfunction. Now the...
  14. n249 bypass

    is there anyone near dundee that has done the n249 bypass? i would try it my self but just incase i do summit wrong as im not as clued up on these engines as i am with rs turbos. would star performance do it?
  15. gazR

    N249 bypass

    hey been looking round here for instructions on the n249 bypass. from what me and "Mat" can work out, is this right? if so could i remove the pipe to where the red circle is, the green end should connect onto the 007 valve? ive also noticed a screw in to the t-piece is that ok? why...
  16. dippy4000

    n249 difference

    Has anybody done a log with vag-com or on rr with the n249 on and off? I tried today using the liquid as a reference, i know its not 100% accurate on some points but good as a point of reference as i said. i did it as the torque graph was showing some irratic blips at 3700-5000rpm. after...
  17. Jordan20vt

    N249 fallen on exhaust manifold

    Well i never thought it would happen even though i have heard about it. Only the wire protector had melted along with some of the wire insulation which had exposed a wire. N249 it'self looks ok. I have wrapped the exposed wire with insulation tape and fixed the N249 back to the engine. I...
  18. DV opening on part throttle - no N249!

    Hi, I have expierenced this before, but this morning I got more into it than normal. And I really started to think about it as my car's "main" problem!. If I start the car up from cold and get moving, when on part throttle, I sometimes hear the DV opens... like a "Wiiiiish"... If I keep...
  19. james walker

    strange 1, pics of n249 before bypass

    anyone got a picture of n249 before they bypassed it, i want to put mine back to oem, but that long since i did it ill need pic references for re removal?? cheers in advance
  20. andieleon

    Teeing Boost gauge from n249 bypass?

    Hi there peeps, just wondering if i can t off from the n249 bypass i have done to my lc and connect my boost gauge on to this system?? will it work...... cheers
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