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  1. ibizadoyle

    nos on a mk4 ibiza fr

    hi guys just been thinking about nos and was wondering what gains it would produce also would i need an uprated clutch for it? and what else would i need? thanks simon
  2. sssstew

    TDI FAQ - Dump Valves, Part Nos and much more info - Start Here

    Please note this is a merge from the old TDI FAQ, some links might be missing the old pics for example and some info might need updating. This thread can continue to be updated by adding new posts to it. Note that a general search of the TDI section can yield new results on old topics so for...
  3. fueling NOS

    where would the fuel feed come from for a wet NOS system on a LC? Would the fuel line be cut and a tee piece be fitted and would it be the high pressure side? Or does the fuel pump have an extra outlet? I'm just pondering with the idea. :drool:
  4. googies

    Part No.s

    Hi, just incase anyone needed it, here is the part no. for the lower front grille on an Altea or Toledo. 5P0 853 667A
  5. BeezerDiesel

    Ibiza FR 17s Part no.s req'd

    Could one of you kindly (2006 on) facelifted FR Ibiza owners help me out quickly please. I need the part number for a standard 7 x 17'' alloy wheel. Ta velly much :)
  6. Ko3s or NOS

    Have a slight dilemma. Would like more power from my cupra but not sure what to do. I already have a turbo back blueflame exhaust, air filter, forge 007p and some random remap that gave me 202bhp on JKMs rollers. For the Ko3s obviously I need to get the turbo and probably a 4bar fpr and TIP...
  7. Basic questions about NOS, Propane and ECU mapping

    I've been following the various threads over recent months about using NOS, propane etc on TDIs. What I don't fully understand is how this fits in with ECU mapping. Am I right in thinking the ECU is mapped to assume NOS and/or propane is always in use ? If so - what happens if you run...
  8. beattie17


    Nos and rollcage WHich would be better to have a intercooler spray bar or a direct port? Also quite tempted by a rear rollcage for car but its from a mk2 golf will this fit? cheers for any info
  9. Help!! Nos Refills??

    Any of you guys know anywhere in the Cardiff/bristol area where i can get my nos bottles refilled? ive tried google and cant really find w anywhere.
  10. Georgie

    any one got NoS

    on a beeza.. or any car on here for that matter?
  11. devonmikeyboy


    The voices in my head are trying to talk me into having NOS fitted to my Audi while i have the head,cams and injectors done. Anyone have any views as to weather i should or shouldn`t do this? More importantly i would like as much info as possible on the subject as in which are the better brands...
  12. smoothuk

    Ferrodo DS2500 Part Nos..?

    Ok so i have been hunting around locally for a set of Ferrodo DS2500 for my LCR, as i am a pikie, and dont want to pay for carrage so thought i would see if i could get them locally, but have been told i need a part number?? Why, an how the hell would i know that, there the supplier, surely...
  13. ibiza-cupra

    i have nos

    yes indeed i have fitted my nitrous kit purchased from didgy2 and what a piece of kit it is:-o awesome controller allows me to fine tune the system,had just a couple of minutes before it ran out but i can honestly say the power was amazing even tho i had the final output of 50% on the 100...
  14. LEON_FR

    NOS on a leon

    Im after a NOS kit for the leon but i dont really know if i need a "wet" or "dry" kit also i was thinking about 25bhp as i dont want to blow the engine to bits, what you guys thing anyone done it??
  15. maxcars1

    Cupra TDI Wishbone Bush Pt Nos

    Ok I had my car serviced at JBS a couple of weeks ago and asked them to look at a knocking noise on the passenger front. I was taken ino the workshop and shown a knackered track rod end, play in the rear wishbone bush and play in the ARB bush. (the ARB stuff were changed including drop links...
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