1. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33702.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca alloy pedals
  2. Matt Norrie

    Brake pedal hard to press after acceleration

    I noticed the other day whilst i was driving that the brake pedal was hard to push after acceleration. The pedal goes hard when i first push it after accelerating then returns to normal when i release and push it again. It feels very similar to when you push the pedal when the engine is off. I...
  3. RS6

    Cupra R 225 silver pedals and kick plate

    does anyone know how much the silver pedals are from seat any part numbers and the silver kick plate on the left of the pedals?
  4. Bocanegra pedals

    Hi. Anyone know if the brake and accelerator pedals off the bocanegra can be bought from dealers and if the fr rubber pedals will come off and these be fitted in there place cheers for any help.
  5. hypopsycho


    Appologies if this has been covered, but I could only find help with the TT pedals. I got these off ebay today, and I'm having a few problems getting them on, they have clamps on the back, but the pedal...
  6. Scott-o

    R32 pedals

    Hey there, done abit of searching but im still abit stuck. Will all three r32 pedals fit onto my ibiza okay by just clipping on etc?
  7. alloy foot pedals who sells them

    Hi wonder if any one can help. I would like to buy a set of alloy foot pedals (or covers), would like the ones used on the cupra / golf. I have spent a lot of time on googles and ebay but can't find any. If anybody can help would be very greatful Rob
  8. snatch leon ts - FIXED!

    hi you guys, allow me to introduce myself :) I'm Stijn aka Snatch and i'm from belgium:p i'm 22 now and i've been driving with my leon for 'bout 6 months now.. anyhow i've been wondering on for bout a year now so this site is not new to me:p btw great site with some great cars...
  9. found a plunger switch thing hanging above pedals!

    while fitting the blue tooth kit i was under the dash on the drivers side and found a switch type of thing with 2 wires on it similair to a brake pedal switch but the brake lights are working fine,someone said it may be for the clutch pedal :shrug: i pressed it and didn,t seem to do anything...
  10. Pedals

    hi do all Cupra R's have metal pedals ? how are they fitted ? are they just clipped on top of the normal pedals? cheers chris
  11. Nutkin

    TT Pedals!?

    Anyone know how much these are from stealers or if anywhere else does them, every since vagparts closed down i havn't found anyone who can deliver :(
  12. andy.morgan

    Audi TT Pedals

    Anyone know where i can get this setup from :lol:
  13. AviTurbo

    2005 Arctic Silver Ibiza FR 20VT - New HU and Cupra K1 knob

    after 15 posts it's time to show you here is my joy and pride it's a standard arctic silver 2005 ibiza FR which is rare here in israel in those years i've got some plans for her in the future, so stay tuned i took those pictures today after a long deatailing day which included mothers...
  14. Cheapest place to buy MKV Golf GTI pedals

    As above really... Where online or from Seat Dealer (with part numbers) is the cheapest place to purchase MKV Golf GTI metal pedals and foor rest... Cheers guys Kidz
  15. tt pedals?

    Hi ya. I would just like to no would these fit my 2002 toledo. i think they look cool.:p And this forum is cool to :p...
  16. demonear

    Why don't they do sports pedals as an option on Leons?

    They are in the accessories catalogue as an option for the (less sporty in my opinion) Ibiza yet not for the Leon forcing people to tinker themselves which surely is an accident waiting to happen & seems a bit dodgy at least. Even all Honda Civic's (except the very basic entry level model) come...
  17. Audi TT Pedals - accelerator fitment?

    Hiya guys. I bought the 3 Audi TT pedals from Vag-Parts last week and having fitted the brake and clutch ones, I am stumped on the accelerator. The original rubber pedal is longer than the RHD TT pedal. How do I fit this?
  18. Water leak above pedals

    i have finally found where the water is getting in, above the accelarator pedal. next question is should the wiper panel (black plastic at bottom of screen) be sealed against bottom of screen somehow to stop water going between the screen and panel. the water may be going down there and through...
  19. GUIDE: How to fit GTI Pedals

    Hi, This is a guide to fitting Golf MkV GTI pedals to your Mk2 Leon. This guide details the DSG pedals, however the procedure is the same for you Old Skool drivers still languishing with a manual gearbox. Also worth noting is that I took these pictures as I was removing my GTI pedals from...
  20. Any recommendations for up grading foot pedals for LC 180

    As the title suggest
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