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  1. radio

    hi all my radio has stop working it cums up with 2 safe whot to do iv got the radio cod but thers no wer to put it in :confused:
  2. Cal91

    Radio code for Alana MP3?

    So I ran my car out of electricity and now the radio is asking for a code. :( The code isn't written anywhere I can see and it isn't in my manual. I rang two Seat dealerships and both can't do it until next week! Plus they will need the car for half a day and with expense. I have only had the...
  3. temp and radio and wipers!

    hi i have a ibiza 2000 s and the coolant temp wont move from the 60 mark when im moving and then after i pull up and go to nutrel tjhe temp gets to 90 then when the heater is put on the temp on the dash goes down to 60 again??? also the radio goes on when it likes and i go to push the...
  4. Aura radio reception

  5. radio display

    hi all just been reading through my manuals for my leon cupra and had quick look through the radio handbook and according to that the radio should have a radio info inbetween my speedometer and rev counter. mine doesnt display this does anyone know why this wouldnt be working. no big deal...
  6. Is the standard radio head unit attached to the under tray?

    Hi there, Im getting a 7" in car DVD touch screen system for my 2004 SEAT ibiza 1.4 that replaces for old standard radio. I have spoke to Halfords and they said yes, it will fit with a harness adapter for an extra £12 which is all good. BUT, they did say if the radio unit is attached to the tray...
  7. How to remove the standard radio??

    Hi there, I have a 2004 Seat ibiza 1.4 S. I have the standard factory fitted radio still in it but I really want to buy one of those flip up dash DVD/Radio media centre 7" screens to replace the SEAT radio. IS it possible 2 remove the radio on the halfords guide only listed up to 2002, I hope i...
  8. woody1986

    Radio code

    I have just bought a parrot bluetooth kit and before i fit was wondering if i will need my radio code as i will be disconecting the quadlock plug to plum in the parrot?
  9. MacFever

    Contrast on standard radio

    Does anyone knows if the contrast on the standard radio can be lowered ? I find the red too bright especially at night Thanks
  10. MacFever

    DAB radio in MK5 Ibiza

    Hi guys, Any thought on a nice DAB radio ? I dont need a GPS because I have the Tomtom cradle on the dashboard Suppose I will have to change the antenna to the one used by the New Polo where DAB is a factory option Eric
  11. Connecting a new radio. How can I swap cables over?

    Hey. JUst bouht a radio (sony) all fine but one small problem: radio is off when the key is out of the hole. In other words i cannot listen to the radio when key is not in. It always reseting. What could I do? Any drawings or pictures please? Denis
  12. old 'uns

    weird radio problem...

    went out last night, turned ignition off, radio still on. pulled front face off still playing. face back on & no controls responding. got back home , pulled fuse to stop it , replaced all seemed OK this morning Radio back on with ignition but again no controls responding, pull fuse all OK...
  13. New RADIO with MP3, what to buy in terms of compatability?

    Hello. I want to swap my alana without MP3 on any other maker radio with MP3. How do i know wether is a new radio fully compatible with an old one??:) Thanks
  14. radio has no power

    Hi guys, I bought my leon second hand, with the previous owner having installed an oldish sony radio cd player. I decided to get a new one, so i got it, took the old one out but noticed something had been bodged onto the wires from the old unit, so i disconnected the sires, connected up my...
  15. greganderson

    radio removal

    hi, i know this has been covered before, but i cant find it for this aura radio, i just want to take it out, but unsure how, as it doesnt have any obvious holes for radio keys that i can see, any help much appreciated :) Cheers, Greg
  16. Installing Radio Code Help Please.

    hi all, im new to the site, need abit of help could someone possibly tell me how i install the radio code, never done one before so im a total noob and i dont have the booklet to help me, what buttons do i press to put the code in and what do i press when i finish putting the code in?, all...
  17. shox

    The name of component under Radio

    Hello everyone! Im sorry if this has been answered before, but whats the name of the socket thing under the radio?? (the place where you can put stuff in) Does anyone know if i can find alternative versions of it?? Im trying to add some toggle switches and i would like to get a version of...
  18. beechey

    my radio dont work!!!! i need a code

    hi all few questions only got the car leon yesterday and a big jump up in power from my 182 cup as the leon has been revod up i can not see probs atall apart from indicator bulbs not working but i have not had time to clean as of yet due to the snow so no pics yet main question when...
  19. radio display mk3 ibiza

    hi people just a quick 1. my mates just bought a 2001 (Y) ibiza mk3, and the square display which controls your radio and blowers, it dont seem to turn off when u switch the engine off and on occasions it just goes clear and cant see anything, tried unpluging it and pluging it back in but still...
  20. Remove car radio (mrk5 ibiza)

    Does anyone know how to do this?
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